A few kitbashes and conversions

  • So in a different thread there was a bit of a discussion on the uses of GW figures -in particular some of the Idoneth women- as conversion fodder. I've decided to show off one of the conversions I've been workin on using some of those parts, as well as a few other conversions that make use of various kits from different companies like NorthStar, Victrix, GW, and yes, even a few wargames atlantic pieces of entered the mix. ;)

    These guys are -mostly- Northstar kits, but for the firemade his flame is from a GW kit, and his head - I think- is WGA.

    I'll need to get a better pic of our middle mage friend, but her wand/staff is actually a curvy headed stormcast arrow. Her arms, much less bulky than the standard kits -mostly- come from the soldiers II (female) kit, but the hands come from the iwzards II (female) set.

    The oncoming corsair is a kitbash of the new North Star Orc kit (which is an 'okay' kit to my eyes - I expected better sculpting) and thier Ghost Arch. sailor kit (which is also kind of lack luster to me.)

    Here you can see some conversions that are still being worked on, including the first which is a marriage between an female Idoneth archer torso and a soldier II kit body witht he torso lopped off. I love the loosely Khemer/South East Asian look she's ended up with, something I was trying to get with the conversion.

    The middle is a heavily shaved down soldier II kit body to giver her a less cold-bound look, as I wanted her to have a more north/west African look about her.

    The last is a kind of imagining of a 'Poitanian Knight' from the Hyborian setting of Conan. Perhaps the only 'civilized' group of men who COnan highly esteems as warriors, he needed to look tough. While I usually like a more Greco-Roman look, I'll need to wait for WGA to release thier scale armor legionaries and thureophoroi before I can really get what I have in my minds eye, but for a now a more medieval take with a bunch of conversions has it's own great look.

    all of these conversions use carefully picked out GW arms, and the cape on the Poitainian comes from the leg cover of an Idoneth Archer.

    comparison of the 'vanilla' frostgrave torso with the Idoneth torso. The arms are also GW, from a woodelf kit, I think.

    The Poitanian is an evolution of a previous mini I've done and shown off on Lead Adventure (I really ought to update that thread). It's mostly Northstar, but with GW arms and cape- but the hands are WGA.

    WGA, if you're listening, get me those scale armor romans and greek thureophoroi! I've gome a very, very cool 3rd evolution of this concept in mind once I get my hands on them! ;) (Or, let me do some concept art for a fantasy kit! ;)

  • Great work mate! 👍

  • Great work, they are really nice. 

  • Your sculpting skills makes me jelly. Like, maybe I'm being held back by this strip having rotten away unseparated for over a decade, but I'm pretty certain I couldn't pull most of that off even with good fresh material.

    Meanwhile, how much and what material are you piling on for the basing? Leaving the plateaus and filling up to that height sounds like an option to deal with bases, but my adventures with a PVA+sand mix didn't make me all too confident in its usefulness as a paste. Much cleaner to just slather on the glue and dip once, which is essentially a surface treatment with next to no volume.

  • @Blutze Thank you! There's still alot of clean up and smoothing to do before they are nice and finished, but hopefully they are going to look good by the end.

    Now as for the basing, the magic ingredient is tile grout or plaster. I find them mostly interchangable - to this can be added either a paint pigment, or an acryllic paint, and they have tendancy to dry a bit darker than they look when first applied.

    I dont have a specific mix, though I really ought to. In general my mix is mostly sand - probably up to 80 or even 90% compared to plaster/grout. PVA is the primary liquid, but adding some water will unavoidable to make sure everything mixes well. Better to add it in little amount until you get a texture that applies well, but isnt runny.

  • My almost universal basing strategy is to contour the figure/base with air dry clay (I used to use plastercine , but it repels water and never really hardens. Air dry clay will crack a bit, but that won't matter when the later steps cover it up). I reccommend Crayola - you can get a big sealable tub of the stuff that will last you forever unless you're using a lot for terrain projects for $10-20. Once that has cured, paint on slightly thinned PVA where you want the basing and then dip it in coarse sand. Brush back any excess that gets onto the feet and legs and stand to dry.  

  • I've done similar things in the past, but I saw a video on youtube that highlighted that minis with integral bases and/or 'slot bases' are an opportunity, since it allows you to use your basing materia in a way that your mini truly sits on top of it, rather than just narrowly being 'under' ground level.

    the other is that, as you can see from the above mini, using sand+plaster+a paint pigment or acryllic paint allows really, really easy control over the color of the ground you get, while keeping great visual texture.

  • since it allows you to use your basing materia in a way that your mini truly sits on top of it

    Yeah, this is what caught my eye in this thread. Though I've always been a little intimidated by doing basing jobs for the 40+ elves on foot I started with (which have grown to more like 150+ by now, plus 100+ empire fellas), so I used to think I'd just leave them all on flat blacks.



    Oh, I got some of that. Might try your mixture on the griffon... gotta clip the Reaper puddle base to move him backwards within the square for better stability, so that'll need dressing up at the very least.

  • Yeah, I add a little to the bottom of my minis that don't have integral bases to give the base a bit of contour. Usually a short bit of sprue. I use steel washers as the actual base, so sometimes I use cut down plastic bases to cover the hole.  

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