Kit Bashing a Napoleonic Kalmyk

  • I am putting together a Russian warband for "Silver Bayonet."

    I want to put a Kalmyk trooper in it.

    I picked up this mini from Gringo 40s recently:  

    I was hoping to hack him in half and make him into a dismounted figure.  But based on the way the arms are molded against his sides, etc., I think I might be better off trying to build a dismounted Kalmyk from scratch.  

    Anyone have any ideas for bits/parts/kits to work from?

    Maybe WGA Boxers for bodies? 

    Do the WGA Boxers have queues?

    Are there any Frostgrave or "Tropical" Frostgrave bits that would work?

    The hat is very distinctive.  If I can't find a suitable match I suppose I can hack off the Gringo 40s riders head although that seems a bit wasteful.

    The rifles from the WGA British Riflemen might work as a musket stand in.  

    Conversely if the upcoming Silver Bayonet expansion covers bows and arrows I'll probably go with that more distinctive and frankly capable weapon.  

  • Oh snap!  I might have found the easy button:

    Fireforge evidently makes "Steppe Warriors."  Definitely need A sprue.

    "What are you doing Steppe Bro?"


  • I would go with the Fireforge Models. 

  • @Grumpy Gnome 

    I had no clue about the Fireforge Steppe kit.... so I was making this harder than it needed to be.

  • Might still get a Boxer sprue for the queues...

  • Painting the "Battle of Leipzig":


    Supposedly a Kalmyk trooper Napoleonic time frame:


    Supposedly Bashkir:


    Some Kalmyk and Bashkir probably served in "Western" uniforms.... but where's the fun in that?

  • Got my friendly neighborhood Russian speaker to translate the captions on these:

  •   Congratulations, on discussing on producing- a Bashkir, equally valid for the Napoleonic  Wars.  The Gringo 40s are beautiful figures anf I, indeed, have a unit of them. The Fireforge Mongols are probably your best bet for foot and (cheaper) mounted versions.  Kalmyks, rather depressingly look increasingly like Cossacks(indeed some are cossacks!) retaining only the konfederatka-like headgear(basically a furry doughnut with as quare crown).  A generic cossack is the on thing missing from plastic Napoleonic cavalry.

  •  A brief amendment to the above: heighten the helmet with furry aventail with modelling medium of choice. When dry: paint it red and you have a Bashkir ready to go(paint the rest of the figure , obviously).

  • @Magnus Guild 

    Good Stuff!  Appreciate the advice.

    Please post your Gringo 40s unit if you get a chance.  Would love to see them.

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