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  • Getting to work on the Pocket Titans I bought mostly for the modular terrain - but the mecha were always going to get used. And it turns out the pilots make pretty damn sweet 28mm robots!

    I swapped arms to give the mech the best industrial worksuit look. It's intended mostly as scenery, in an "at ready" pose, and will be painted industrial orange with hazard stripes etc.

    A new head and badge and Robot Cop is ready to join the Space Cops (Space Cop for scale). I left him unarmed, but you can be assured his built in stunner and robot strength allow him to perform his peacekeeping functions with efficiency and with a minimum of conflict regarding Laws of Robotics. Or Robotic Law.


  • @Mark Dewis 

    Lovely post Mark, Oh All-Maker why Pocket Titans did not cross the Pond?

    Will wait anxiouly for updates 😁

    What do you plan next?

  • This post has nothing to do with what I thought it was going to be about.  

    @Mark Dewis 

    I (at least) can't see the picture.

  • I also can not see the photo but it sounds good.

  • I cant see the photos. :( I have looked high and low to see about getting some Pocket Titans here in the US. I cant believe I cant even find them on e-bay. Are they called something different? Are they barred from sale in the US?

  • @William Redford 

    Kinder Eggs are Verboten.

  • @JTam @Grumpy Gnome @William Redford 

    Okay Marx Brothers... here comes the picture

    [edit]Houston we lost image... houston?

  • @Steven StGeorges Hells bells guys, what happened to the pictures and whats a pocket "Titan", aMini "Nightwing", "Beastboy". Can`t finf em listed either ? Lost in the wonderfull ether of the world wide web. Good night all , John Boy etc.

  • @William Redford 

    If you do some research on Google, Pocket Titans was/is (?) a company based in PRC, with a website and a FB page both are no longer maintained nor updated since 2019 or 2020.



    PTs were available in Asia and Europe for a while but never managed to cross over the Pond.. why? I don't know.. a lot of US buyers are still asking questions on FB page but no reply back. PTs seem to be still available from indie sellers in Europe and Australia as far as I know... but zip, nada even on Aliexpress


    BUT ... since I am a nice guy still glad to help his fellows, I found out something quite similar to PTs from MechFansToys Mechanic Studio


    or on ebay.com


    MFT lost planet Diaclone model seem to be similar to PTs... could be series 2, not sure about.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Over here my good friend... 



  • @Steven StGeorges You are a nice guy. :) and not just for the link. 

  • @William Redford 


    On ebay.com... a Pocket Titan 👀



  • Man, I really wish these would hit the states.  It'd be reeeeal hard not to snag them all.  Plus, the fact that their packaging is friggin' terrain is hella cool!

  • They were on sale in Australia - I got a couple from a major retailer and they were reasonably priced as I recall. Around $10 to $12 AUD if memory serves. Very nice kits and the modular terrain that made up the packaging was a bonus! The random / blind  nature of the product was annoying but that is supposed to be part of the appeal for kids I suppose. Not so great when you want a specific model.

  • This machine armour is similar to what you want. It's a Chinese toy


  • @Steven StGeorges Thanks Steven, god why does everything thats nice and so dam usable, have to be imposible to get, those thing are dam smart.

  • Guys do you get a Titan in the recon base set Answers please?

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Indeed my good friend: one type of PT per Recon Base Cube set.. 😁

    And yes quite frustrating, PTs never made it in that side of the Pond... 🤪

    @Benjamin Hayward 

    But there are some alternative stuff around.. 

  • @Geoff Maybury @Benjamin Hayward @William Redford @JTam 


    An update (taken from TFW2005 forum) that should please people based in the US.

    "Pocket Titans are appearing in discount stores in the United States for $4 as of MAY 2022.

    They've been found in these states thus far: California , Tennessee Georgia and Virginia.

    The chain /store they've showed up in thus far is named DD'S DISCOUNTS and Bargain Hunt"

    And according to a member of that forum, PTs are sold 3.99$US/box. 🧐


  • Each unit comes in a VERY useful six part interlocking ~3" cube that makes for great modular terrain. Buildings, large cargo containers etc, or just laid flat to make flooring, corridoors etc. There's also random railings and ladders. After my test order of 4 units I got another 6 pretty much just for the panels.

    Some panels are translucent, the ones that aren't have removable faces on the inside that can be easily glued together to make slightly smaller terrain or used as grating, ramps etc. If you aren't precious about preserving the bits, there's a LOT of build value in these.

    For USD$4 each I'd almost consider paying USA->AUS postage... but I think I probably have enough!

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