Options for post-apocalypse bandits?

  • Bandits from works like Mad Max, Fist of the North Star, and Fallout all have a pretty unified look: Leather or shirtless with random bits of metal (especially shoulder pads) as "armor", and lots of mohawks. Are there any good options for figures of these kind of bad dudes at 28mm scale?

  • The Necromunda range from GW offers plenty of shoulder pads and oiled muscles but the prices are hard core!

  • Croocked Dice make some post apocaliptic survivors & mutants, for metal figures, naturally you can mix bits from Stargrave/Frostgrave or modify with GS some Cannon Fodder's troopers.

  • @Nanashi Anon 

    Both Paul and Alessio (Croocked Dice is even offering MadMaxian models.. so double the fun) do provide you with pretty good advices ... but in case just check that link for alternative models


    99 pages of fun .... 

    WGA is providing minis that can be converted or used alongside other manufacturers models ... Space Nam soldiers could replace Goliath gangers for instance. 

    And do not forget the 2nd -and 3rd- hand market, lots of low-priced minis (some are incomplete needing some love and bits, but most are complete sets and are usually primed and already assembled). 

  • Stargrave has some good heads. Some mohawks, several bionic eyes.  

    Necromunda is probably the best range in plastic, but isn't that cheap.

    There are some good options in metal from both Wargames Foundry (Street Violence range) and Copplestone Castings (Future Wars range, in particular the Scavenger ones)

    Scavenger Heroes

    Sewer Scavengers

    SV013 - Scabies Punks





  • In plastic, Em4 has some SciFi ganger types that would work, you could also mix the WA DF kits around with the Malstrom Edge Rebels and Northstar's sets. Those are the easy options currently on the market that I can think of.

    An artsy Historical scale option would be heavy kitbashing to Z clip studio Zombies or Rubicon's Nam sets. If you want some mutants WA's lizardman arms are prefect for that.


  • Oh, There's also a mohawk head on the Frostgrave Achipelago Crew sprue, and several on the Tribal sprue in that range (which also has somewhat bare bodies that could be converted to a leather look).

    The new Frostgrave Barbarians II kit has some fairly punky looking female heads. Both Barbarian kits  with gun arms might look okay for post apoc gangs, but probably not quite the look you're after.

    Don't discount other GW parts. 40K Gobbo torsos and arms, and Ork bitz, can be handy for this look. 

    Malifeaux parts can be useful too. The limbs are too long, but the heads and torsos are pretty much in proportion to regular 28mm. The female plastic kit in particular provides an otherwise hard to find source of plastic corset-type bodies. Also a chainsaw. 

  • @Nanashi Anon You can make your own mohawks by buying cheep Eye lashes from pound stores and convert any head with cut portions. Also make great feelers uncut for carniverous plants. Oh and head creasts for Dinnos or Si/Fi animals.

  • Oh, since WGA Goblins are cheap over at North Star today, it ocurred to me that with headswaps and a few guns they actually might make pretty good post-Apoc wasteland punks. Might need leg transplants... or not. You can get away with a lot adding bulk with putty and increasing torso size by a mm or two with plastic card or sprue. Or unused plastic bases cut up.  

    Also, any bald head is only a dob of putty and some basic sculpting away from a mohawk. Raid your Cannon Fodder sprues. The explosive collar becomes leather and chrome.

  • My current post apocalyptic bandits are all Zona-Alfa types at the moment so all are hooded, most have face masks, a couple balaclavas. Mix of resin (I picked up recently cheaply on ebay) and Warlord WW2 winter germans with Oathmark hooded and masked heads.

  • Their website is still down and their service over recent years has been somewhat "spotty" (although always good for me!), but Hasslefree are a good, if somewhat expensive, source of metals... some lovely sculpts in their mix!

  • @Bill Thomas That man can certainlly old school sculp, is figures are well proportioned, and so individual,and if he goes from a TV or Film, Wow.!!!

  • Brian mentioned the EM-4 Sci-Fi Gangers which are hard plastic multiparts with male and females on the spruse. The casting is a bit old style now but they easily take spare weapon arms and even head swaps from WGA and Stargrave minis to give a different looking figure. I like them and you can't beat the price, even when I have to get them shipped all the way to Perth, Western Australia!

  • @John Wilson great suggestion. Now I am wondering what modern bodies I can use with Frostgrave cultist heads.

  • @Ian if you mean the full masks ones, should work with most 28mm figures, since you don't have the face to check scale on, and it's an outsized hat to start with.

    Panzerlehr could be painted up to look like bikers, with the jackets as black or brown leather and the pants as denim. Bare arms would help the look. The Stahlheme work for that as well, though you may want to add some facial hair.  And bulk up the gut. 

    Mohawk heads on Panzerlehr bodies could work for urban punks. 

    WGA Irish also have a couple of bodies that could work (the two bare arm ones).

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