A question for Hudson, on Only -Games.

  • When the printed figure subject came about, I admit that I was extremely sceptical about whether this would work and how it would work. You will have seen from my posts that my main concerns were quality and dispatch. In particular I stressed that I hope nothing damaged Wargame Atlantics excellent reputation and that the printed figure system, did not cause a multi tier wargaming society. 

    Whilst I know that all new companies can have teething troubles, and while experiencing these troubles demand can create even more problems. One thing you cannot do is bury your head in the sand and fail to reply to customers who only wish to know when or if they are going to get their product. 

    I am awaiting two packs of security robots and it took a customer to inform me that they were having trouble printing them, despite all of us trying to find information by emails that were not answered. I realise Hudson that it is not your problem and appreciate that it is probably just as annoying for you. Unfortunately you are the only person whos name I have to politely ask what is going on. So, for myself and others who are awaiting for our orders with no contact available from Only-Games, would you please ask when I can expect my order from 18th December 2022. I should add there are many other items that I and others really like and I am sure would love to order, but there is an old saying 'once bitten, twice shy'.  Cheers, Geoff.

  • Hi Geoff - yes Only-Games experienced a huge surge of new business leading up to the holidays and have been scrambling to add people and resources to catch up. Two weeks ago they were 2-3 weeks from being caught up after hiring and training a bunch of new people. I suspect that they should be operating normally going forward. It's a shame about the delays but hopefully they are past their growing pains and will be pumping out product at a fast rate going forward. 

    They are also in the process of adding a US manufacturing plant to their empire and I hope to see that up and running later this year. Not much help for Australia but maybe it will get you future products faster! 

    As you said it's frustrating all around but I'm hopeful we have still picked the right partner for this part of the digital experiment. 

  • Are you limited to licensing to Only Games as a condition of selling STLs through My Mini Factory?

  • If you buy an stl via WA Digital and have no printer are you able to commission a 3rd party 3d print shop to generate figures from that stl ?

  • @Hudson Adams Hudson no offence meant, but that sounds a lot like the speech of a poitician. I live in UK and if I knew where the Only-games people were, and if they were close enough, I`d have picked up the Robots myself. At my age I don`t do anger, too bad for the "old blood pressure", I do communicate, trouble is it`s one way, I figure you must have a means of contact, phone or "carrier pigeon". Now I know to ask for oneself is a bit wrong , so could I ask nicely, could you chase the UK and Australian orders, from 14th Dec onwards and get a date of expected delivery for us all. We don`t mean to trouble you but you are our only contact.  Thank you on behalf of all waiting for just a message from "Only -games" Cheers Geoff.

  • I don't believe it! My order from Only Games has finally been despatched. Now I just need to wait the four to six weeks it will take to leave the UK and slowly wend it's way to Perth, Australia.

  • Just to twsit the knife a little deeper, Only-Games emailed me a request to review the products they sent me. If only I had those dear little miniatures in my hands I would be more than willing to review them! I hope they are happy to wait the indefinite period I am waiting for the bloody things to actually arrive on my doorstep. Then I'll review the crap out of them.

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