Only-Games Order Recieved (Missing Parts)

  • Last night an E-mail said  my order was despatched, to arrive today, which it did, before 11am as stated. I was really pleased I opened the package to find a blister pack it contained the photoed items 2x4 Mechs were ordered making 8. I received 9 bodies loads of arms but just 6 Heads. I was gutted, (lets just have a bit of light on this gloomy tale). The Robots are brilliant, well printed and with excellent detailing. They will go together like a dream and with a sharp craft knife to the centre of the body, a great deal of conversion work can be done. 

    Back to the order, I have sent a message  to Only-Games and now await their reply. I would thoroughly recommend the robots but I am not in any way happy with Only-Games. A one day delivery is the work of the Post Office and was grand. Missing parts sadly means someone can't count.


    rilliant real quality printing , so detailed. I`m so looking forward to building and painting them ,they look so good in the plastic so to speak.

    Now back to the mess of  2 missing heads, 3 if they were giving me a free one for my trouble, also theres no logic to the arms and although I`ve many I`m not sure they will build 8? I need to do some testing. Guys do your work on these in a box youll see from the pictures the parts are fidley and small.


  • @Geoff Maybury Thanks for the info mate. They do look great. Too bad about the missing heads. Hopefully they will make it right. 

  • @Geoff Maybury Anvil Industries sell strips of individual robot heads ( e.g. which may help if you don't get any joy with the replacements.

    Unsure about scale compatibility, these 'Bots seems larger than the Anvil Industry 'Bot I built recently (which came out smaller than a default Cannon Fodder figure).  Oddly the heads look similar size, but these WA bots seem to have larger torsos, legs at least.

    If you have any Cannon Fodder (1) figures, you'll have some spare plasma cannon. These are quite large relative to the CF figures, I was planning to retrofit one of these onto the robot's gun arms.

    I was also considering retrofitting the claw and force sword arms from the Grongard command box sprue to give a CQB specialist. 

    I'll only know for sure when/if my order turns up.

    At least the figures are beginning to roll off the line.


  • @Geoff Maybury 


  • My compeer Geoff... I'm happy to read that your problem is way to be resolved. Stoic and fair-play under fire, no doubt, you are a true son of Albion.

    Izan ontsa.

  • @Geoff Maybury , pm'd you.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    Did they ever resolve your heads issue?

    I've just recieved an e-mail saying that they have posted me my order (- but only part of it, they deleted the security troopers and civilian figures). 


    This is now officially the worst mail order experience I have had in my half century of wargaming.

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Did they refund the part of the order they deleted?

  • @JTam They say so but I won't know until my end of month balance appears (all the banks around here have been shut for years). They say they have posted the part order, but the Post Office tracker claims it hasn't recieved it.

    Read somewhere on this forum they were taking over Anvil :(.

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Yes, there's a world of difference between generating a shipping label and actually getting a product posted.  

  • @JTam .... And actually casting the figures in the first place !

    Has anyone received the Cannon Fodder Civilians or CF Area Security figures ?

    There is photographic evidence above of the Robots getting out into the wild, the Humans?

  • This saga is almost over.

    The figures turned up this lunchtime, and it almost fulfilled the original order with one (non WA) item missing.

    @Geoff Maybury the Robot heads are surprisingly small compared to the publicity shots on the web page. Those Anvil heads I suggested will work fine.

    My 2 robot packs shipped with all 8 heads and 8 torsos, roughly half had broken barrels on their guns. Those barrels are so slender, the remainder are unlikely to survive contact with the wargames table.

    They would be a real pain to cast/print for sure but that is a sculpting issue rather than a production one. Perhaps the .stl files used could updated to replace the barrel with a thicker one derived from the Grongard quad ball turret ?  

    The human figures are ~5-10% larger than their Cannon Fodder plastic brethren.

  • ..... and it looks like a made up Robot is the same height as a normal CF figure (i.e. smaller than the Human Sec figures unlike the illustrations in November/December).

  • Apologies all, I read this after I posted elsewhere... roughly how long did it take @Geoff Maybury / @Dennis Horne between ordering and receiving your figures?

    I have also ordered the Robots, plus the Cannon Fodder Civilians/Accessories so will update when I can on those... @Geoff Maybury I am SO glad you finally got your order mate 😍

  • @Bill Thomas Order debited 19 December 2022, recieved 10 February 2023, even then there were omissions and breakages.

    I sent photo evidence off yesterday to MMF, supporting my comments above:

    CF 1 and 2 figures plus an Anvil Industry 'Bot are shown for comparison purposes.

    Note we are UK based, if you are elsewhere on the planet (or indeed further beyond) things will take longer.

    I have since experimented with the busted weapons. The plastic/resin used reminds me of old school Airfix 1/32 figures i.e. immune to model cement & resistant to superglue - I ended up using UHU impact adhesive.  

    Cut the broken barrel in half horizontally, take a spare 28mm plastic (Perry ACW) musket, trim off the bayonet, then chop off its barrel to the required replacement length. Trim the lower side of the barrel & glue on top of the remaining weapon. Once set, clean up the resulting abortion with a little modelling putty.

    A bodge, but it will get you back on (or onto) the table, when things go splat.

    I'd recommend wiping the non broken barrels with UHU so as to form a protective barrier around the barrel. Others swear by superglue gel to do the same ( I swear at the stuff ;) ).

    Also consider the pin & glue technique for attaching the arms, there is no keying.

  • @Dennis Horne thanks for that, very much appreciated and I'm pleased to say that my little order has now arrived :) @Geoff Maybury hurrah 😂

    It appears they have included some extra bodies in both the CF accessories pack, and the Robots pack which is very nice... I shouldn't be a grouch here as I'm very happy with the quality, but six robot bodies, only four heads...

    Same deal here with the Robot gun barrels; half of them are broken, but on boy they are thin... super-thin and I think I'd defy anyone to do better! I was going to mess about with the guns anyway as I want my Robots unarmed so that's no big deal, and frankly I am super-pleased with everything else 😍

    Overall, delivery time was in-line with many of the other printing services I use, but I believe they need to let everyone know that it isn't just "on demand and ship" at the moment; perhaps this will change in the future as they get into a run! Quality is excellent generally, so I do feel confident now to order other things 😎

  • @Bill Thomas those heads I mentioned above will help ( e.g., I too will dump the broken barrel weapon arms.

    Note that Anvil have a system where they mould the pistol butt in with their figures hands then mount the separate pistol barrel on top. You can re-use this idea with a litttle help from your spares box. 

    Take any spare Cannon Fodder (1 or 2) pistol arms cut 'em off at the wrist then the cut the pistol horizontally & glueing  the remaining barrel on top of one those 'boxing glove' hands.

    With the supplied nano heads replaced by the Anvil heads, the resulting hybrid is the same height as an Anvil 'Bot, just thinner and wielding a pistol. 

    I've made up 4 of these critters with the intention of having 4 basic Robot crew figures for a Robo-only Stargrave crew, the real (armed) 'Bots are made up of all Anvil figures.


  • @Dennis Horne yup, I'm a huge Anvil fan (apart from the stumpy male legs 🤣) and have been ever since they first released their "Republicans and Council" many moons ago... and they are really plowing on again now, first with digital, and then transferring those designs to physical. 

    As I've said before I don't have a 3D printer, but I support their patreon because the digis do feed through in time...

    And talking of digis I got my first WGA ones together, four robot loaders and a controller (using the CF add-on parts) for Stargrave "spaceport" purposes 😍 They are lovely models, not cheap but super precise and go together very nicely indeed!

    I still need to do some finishing on the painting of the controller, and basing for all, but the robots have been primed chrome (spray) and then washed with Bad Moon Yellow contrast... I'm going to leave them as is (and unvarnished) for now to see if the yellow wears down organically with handling...

  • Really glad that things are working for you all, I`ve been off in the real world tied up with health cheaks so Iv`e missed the forum, I`m a bit pissed off actualy see my new post coming now " Robots oh what a F.U.B.A.R."Posting next.

  • @Geoff Maybury Why is that worth getting "pissed" over.

    I understand the frustration that comes with recieved miss-sized parts. 

    "Pissed", in my personal opinion, implies active anger. Spending valuable energy being actively angry at something that I will most likely get fixed by customer service seems like an unneccesary stressor.


    Officialy speaking, though:

     I've already sent an internal email notifying the relevant parties who would work to fix your issue and send new parts. Wargames Atlantic appreciates you bringing your concerns here, and we will work to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

  • @Bill Thomas I've adopted a similar approach with my WA 'Bots Relacing the useless 'nanoheads' with expensive AnvInd ones I had to go out & purchase.

    I see your 'Bots have sprouted necks on their heads. Has there been a second improved (resized, remodelled)  print run of these figures by MMF or did you add scratch built ones  to resolve the 'nanohead' issue?

    A side by side comparison of a CF 1 or 2 trooper against these would be nice.



    [EDIT] having seen the 'oh what a F.U.B.A.R.' post, it seems that has indeed been a  rescale/rework.

  • @Lord Marcus I will gladly inform you why I used the word 'pissed', the security robots are, in my opinion, one of the best designed robot sets on the market.  Some person at Wargame Atlantic really listened to what we requested last year on the forum. The general concensus was that we wanted a humanoid sized robot that would fit into real vehicles along with the troops and could be used in Weird War games, Sci-fi and fantasy, and would scale perfectly with Wargame Atlantic series of figures in those ranges. We asked that it resembled various film robots which they did, and the scale was perfect. I was delighted when I received the robots, even though extremely late and with missing and broken parts. I contacted Only Games sent photos of broken and missing parts, and they agreed to send replacements as soon as possible. When they arrived on Tuesday 21st Feb, the replacement parts were a good size larger making my order impossible to complete. In seems that Only Games has one solution to all problems and that is to increase the size, the farm animals, the Afghan arms and the robots. This is what gets me 'pissed', they are no longer our scale. Wargames Atlantic put a lot of care and love into doing those items, it took seconds to make them unuseable for us. Example; how is a security robot of that new size, walking through a normal door going to enter, on it's knees? That is why I felt they were F.U.B.A.R. and posted the photos. Look how nice the original ones are with the Eisenkern figures.

  • @Bill Thomas Really nice Bill you had a lot of none weapon arms, I`ll show you my lot. I`m 2 heads short 3 if they want to make me really happy, and by the laws of cobble if I`m lucky I`ll manage 9 of my eight order and I recon I deserve my (Free mech) might call him"Chappie" if it all works out but wether they will do 3 heads smaller I don`t know. I`ve given up on the broken left arm (They sent 2 huge right). Any way I`ve 6 and boy will they go well with the new Ho-Rahs and Iron Core. 

  • Thats what I got you can even make out the broken gun. Here is new with old

  • I know the Robots design is brilliant and its still the same thing and withnew figure sizes getting bigger and bigger it will fit in well some were. It`s just not going to work so nice with Wargame Atlantic figures, Rubicon, and Perry, and thats my only scales you should see it next to Rubicons Tanks they locked Total Bad Asses.

  • @Dennis Horne yup, the 'bots came with neck stubs that I could trim to get different angles on the heads to give each one a bit more "character"... It would seem though that they have been re-scaled slightly as you'll, see from the pic here... L to R - SG plastic CF from the accessories set with a regular CF cap, Bot, CF 2, Bot, Spectre, Anvil Automata... 

    @Geoff Maybury the size is fine for me as I wanted them to be a bit more imposing; I was unaware that the initial request was for "human size" as what I have are definitely taller... about 41mm sans base. I did get in the pack a single arm that seemed undersized from the rest, so possibly that is one at "oroginal" scale?

  • They are fantastic are they not, if I had my old figures I`d be well chufed with eithersmall or large, but as most know on the forum. I had a monster re-design of my figure collection to choise to do one true scale 1/56th  and I sold of all my collections going back 20 plus years , to cocentrate on just this one scale through out, Sci/Fi, Fantasy, and real. Now all my scenery can fit any game and buildings can be adapted to any time period  equipment is constant no oversize jerry cans. My robots can go in with the Eisenkern or Ho-Rahs and walk the rooms with them. Just like the ones being designed by "Boston Dinamics" in real life, use the same vehicles, asthe troops if they were larger I`d go 4 legged  small mini like a walking gun platform. Love your Anvil mech and that Spetra figure.

  • @Geoff Maybury ah, definitely bigger then... glad you like my little Spectre PMC; there's a whole unit of the blighters 🤣

  • @Bill Thomas Nice,

    Your CF Civilian controller with the standard CF head would be up there with that Spectre figure on the right if you'd fitted a head supplied with the CF Civillian kit. That is consistent with the CF Civ set I eventually got.

    Two conflicting sets of artwork are/were out there, an original December one where the 'bots are shown against their Security figures and taller. That picture has gone but see MMF site (a MK2?) - these match your figures and a smaller MK1 set (see WA Article on this forum for illustration)

    The originally produced MK1 'bots size up to that Anvil one on the end.

    Depending where you first saw them, you will have had differing expectations of the product.

    Both I and Geoff seem to have been issued with MK1s. At some point MMF switched to MK2 production and abandoned their MK1 customers supplied with missing/broken components.


    @Lord Marcus 4 months into this saga and counting, how many expletives do I have to mix in posts to get a response/resolution ?

    I ping their customer service weekly but  to no avail, ignore the customer long enough and he'll go away?

    This mess hurts WA's credibility just as much as MMF's (they appear not to care). 

  • @Dennis Horne I believe I understand people's reaction to this more now, thank you for the clarifications... I kind of expected the robots to be the size they are (Mk2 as you say) but if I'd been expecting the "Mk1" then I too would be put out, especially if I was then sent "Mk2" replacement parts as the size IS substantially different 😑

    I used the regular cap on the Controller as he fits into a larger "theme"; my "crew figures" are all yellow-based with caps, whilst my "level 1 pirates" wear red suits and my "enslaved" wear green... just makes it easier to differentiate factions on the table 😋

  • @Bill Thomas I thnk that with all the great games you`ve got and an aparent vast and nice collection  of figures  the large size are spot on perfect, for you they look perfect and I think will look good with "Mark Copllestones" ranges. Theyare great for Zone Alpha with your figures.  All my figures would be small though next to the magority of yours. I only kept my original Eisenkern and I`m undecieded on them at the moment.

  • @Geoff Maybury thank you kind sir... I just keep on building models and eventually painting them 🤣

    Sorry for the late repsonse (again), but I've been away overseas with work (again!)... I actually got round to some of the old Copplestone "Troopers" to stand in for Stargrave Pirates as I do love the aesthetic, and they work well.. I've been swapping around with that and ZA this winter, as well as working on my own "Shadow of Eagles" theme for alternate WWI...

    Like you I still have most of my Eisenkern in the box... I can't quite work our how I want to paint them 😝

  • @Bill Thomas I`d be helped to make decisions much more easyier, if we new what and when items were comming. I`ve several sets of the mules (now to big) but if WA never do, I`d adapt  to the WA range. If they did them, I`d offer to guys on the forum, to with their old range. When you think we were teased the Pro? Russians, plus Shadokesh, Valkerie, and it nearly 18 months and things have gone "Black Holeish" oh well. Love Geoff.

  • ...... The WA Plastic Napoleonic Spanish passed far beyond the Schwartzschild Radius years ago. 

    4 months into this fiasco and still no resolution :(

    I assembled the 2 Mk1 MMF robot figures with non weapons arms pairs (the only 2 out of 8 supplied) similar to @Bill Thomas above. I did 'em with a steel basewash and hi vis orange for the arms/legs/pads. 

    Will do as an expensive pair of repair 'Bots  :(.

    @Geoff Maybury If you need proper 28mm scale, period agnostic mules check out Grubby's old school metal offering

    Redoubt 28mm pack mules

  • @Dennis Horne Nice and I may send for some for Eileens Dand D these are my "Mules" though, don`t worry though the thought was great, and we didn`t specifiy. the period agnostic  ( bloody love it), you got me,P.S your`s have the cute factor. 

  • @Dennis Horne These are what were originally done in the first ever Eisenkern figures. Now that the figures are 1/56th, it would be great to know that this quite important set would be reduced  and made as well.

  • @Dennis Horne Guess what, still waiting on those dam robots, 18 th Dec ordered, 4 month to the date tomorrow. Not letting it drop being patient and biding time. (  Just wanted to enjoy the little master pieces.) 

  • My mules can drag kit all the way from Imperial Rome via a Games of Thrones set outside Belfast to a supply dump in the Chindits without looking out of place.

    Your beast is a cross breed between the Vietnam era M274 mechanical mule

    and the Boston Dynamics Big Dog :

    The US Marines rejected the Big Dog due to the noise from the 2 stroke engine giving away their patrols. The abducting Aliens fitted yours with Nimbari silent engines prior to issuing to the Oh Rah?

    The 14th Army had the vets amputate their poor beasts vocal cords to solve a similar issue in Burma. Soult's French had his entire mule train hamstrung to stop it's capture by Wellington on the retreat from Opporto.  

    There is a   M274 Etsy

    out there in the dark world of 3d printing, the price, scale and delivery of that product may well dwarf that of MMF's offerings. :(

    Buyer beware.

  • @Dennis Horne Hells bells mate you`ve got a Knoledge, nice "Nam" post on the Mule. Anviles looks brilliant are these figures 1/56th WGA and Rubicon or larger. Esty WOw thats nice not to dear either only worry would be what do thet print it at 1/56th or 1/48th. Really tempted to go for the cute factor for Eileen you can never have to many animal mules even great for Zombie as long as they don`t get eaten. Have you seen this to come Rubicon "Nam" range.

  • As a plastic kit garentied 1/56th scale, they will be great. I`ve seen a few in private hands, they`ve got a Willys 2 stoke engine, and yet quite quite. Best thing is for "Survival style " games any of the 3 mules can be used and in "Nr Future" all 3could make alegitimate showing and providing the "Si/Fi " is 1/56th cargo can be loaded from 1,2, to 3.

  • The original role for that 'Mule' was primarily CASEVAC - though not a popular subject for the publicity photographer.

    The platform is sized for 2 casualty litters (with the driver cage pushed forward), hence the shape. It also fits (unloaded) into a UH 1 Huey.

    Tried to search on the Rubicon site , it only shows WW2 stuff, is it pre release? Got a direct link ?

    Modern troops tend to go for 6x6 or 4x4 civilian ATV types e.g  Frontier 700 ATV . (Other Iranian, Chinese etc. copies are available.)

    The UK recently sent the Ukranians a delivery of Malloy T150 cargo Quadcopters to do the resupply role.

    All Sci Fi skirmish troopers would need some form of integral load carrier, if only for all the spare batteries for those plasma weapons. Beast, 4x4/6x6 or Flying Drone, without them those trigger happy Troopers are out of ammo after a couple of turns. 

    A generic theme for Death Fields Digital ?

    Just don't get MMF to make them :(


  • @Dennis Horne The Rubicon Mule is part of the next "Nam Releases" which will be the third and bigest featuring, 3 types of M113, Comand, Mortor, and  Standard. Mutts M151-A1`s different variants. "The Walking Deads lorry. and a whole host of other delights. The wounded troops are also being produced in Siocast plastic and a quite varied and some graphic. Best follow up is the Rubicon Facebook page. and the Nam orders post on the site.

    The cargo mules for the original Iron core were to tranport the support weapons , ammo for all it particular the Valkiers that went through it like salt. Remembering that an army also marches with its stomach food. I`ve 12 of them in limbo now, 3 built (now to big) and 9 waiting. I really hope that WGA scale them down and get em out. Then I can decide what to do with my over size.

    I`m still on the fence with digital, I`m pleased for all its worked out for, and are enjoying it, like "Red Bee", but  I and others are still sorting out orders that are before christmas. My 18th November order for the robots (slow is not the word) still need a print to clear. Cheers Geoff 

  • So the Rubicon stuff is all pre-release then.

    Perhaps take the platform off a Rubicon mule and fit it to the legs/robotics off an unmade Iron Core version (or just scratch build a 75% ?? platform out of plasticard) ? I'd expect it's just the platform which is too big.

    Sci-Fi gaming lets you make it up as you go along ......

    The original stl files are out there on ebay/etsy, you'd need a 3D printer with the right software to print adjusted scale figures, but then you may face the issue of the components not scaling or being incompatible with the print stock (sound familiar?). The puny looking front legs on that robo-mule of yours could well go the same way as the robo-cannon did when it went from a hard plastic design to 3D print.

    If my Cannon Fodder Militia have to do a scenario with a supply element any time soon, they are dragging my old school metal mule train around with them.

    Even a standard WWII Wehrmacht platoon marched around with a horse and cart in its ORBAT. (Only the lucky ones got a truck).

    If the farce over these MMF Robots teaches us anything it is not to pre-order goods and ideally see live examples of the figures before purchase - Caveat Emptor is the legal phrase. 

    On the broken orders front, this has not been forgotten even if MMF appear have added our names to their spam lists. :(

  • @Geoff Maybury  On the original topic of this thread, I have just been directly contacted by someone senior at only-games, there may be signs of progress here.

  • @Lord Marcus I'm getting notifications of an 'undefined' user commenting on this thread, 3 times 2 days ago. They don't show up on this thread so won't clear. Looks like something got chewed up, can you (or someone with admin rights) clear this ?


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