Robots oh what a "F.U.B.A.R."

  • At a time when all I wished to do was enjoy these brilliant robots my messed up order from 18th Decenber`s missing parts arrived Tuesday . Like a kid in a candy store smiling from ear to ear I opened the package, 6 heads 2 right arms (S**t did`nt I say "Left", yes I photoed a left arm and got 2 right). Still I can mess about I`ve got 5 spare heads. I`m all over the place at the moment so I couldn`t do any thing till today. When I found out this, They have increased the size, and boy have they increased the size.

  • The original are pure magic, look how thy go with the Eisenkern probably one of the best sets and the would have been perfect with the OH-Rah. Now the guns bigger than a figure they are more 1/32 scale than 1/56th I don`t know, I`m, back to square one I`ve nine mechs I can cobble together but heads for only 6. and after all this time and photos of what I need and whats broke, so if after all this time and messages tell me  this is`nt a F,U.B.A.R I would have been ashamed if we had done this when we traded.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    What a dumpster fire. 

  • They probably started printing them a bit bigger to make the thin weapon barrels a bit more survivable.  

    That's fine but it does you no good to have replacement parts printed 20% bigger than the previous parts you got.  

    They need to send you a whole new, fresh printed order.  

  • Indeed those replacements are much larger (and consistent with the original publicity drawings).

    The new heads come with necks (unlike my original figures).

    They need to send everyone who was supplied with the original defective order either a replacement or suitable discount voucher in lieu.

  • Most anoying thing is we got the lovely robots that we asked for way back on the forum, Some one really listened to our requests and made the perfect robot, Man sized like "Gods and men" , Chappie", etc, it was scaled to a figure perfect worked for "Wierd Wars ,Si/Fi every thing. Then its too bloody big for our figures hows it walk into rooms on it`s Knees,  I need 2 preferably 3 heads, to give me a chance to cobble 9. One more than I paid for ( actually I think I deserve it all the dam Hassle) but we will see . Not bothering with anymore till this is put right if at all. Love Geoff. 

  • @Geoff Maybury Everytime I think about ordering from Onlygames I see a post from you that stops me. :) I hope they get better at this, or that WA finds someone better. 

    Edit: Though personally I think I would like the robots at the slightly larger scale. They look more intimidating as combat robots or more hardy as worker robots. But having half the pieces in one scale and half in the other is definitely a wierd thing... 

  • @Geoff Maybury I feel your pain my friend (as I said elsewhere)... what I got, definitely bigger iro 41mm toe to top of head... I'm sad to hear that you're having such a 'mare of it, and like William says above I'm a little sceptical about ordering more of these lovely robots in case the scale changes again :(

    Totally agree with the comments above from JTam and Dennis that they need to replace your order... I hope this happens 🤞


  • @Bill Thomas Sadest thing how do they do a replacement, (for me I`d like 2 or 3 small heads). I could then cobble together nine, forget the broken arm. But if I get 8 brad new (large) they don`t fit in with any of my figures (Sold all oversize to stay 1/56th). Not being funny in any way  I just wanted man sized machines, noreal need for "Land of the Gaints". Cheers mate nice to chat.

  • @Geoff Maybury Tried to send a PM via this platform, it sent but bounced back with an error message. There is a chance it may have got through to you before the script dumped.

  • @Dennis Horne We have not yet been able to contact them again yet. Puzzled as how the are going to put this to bed (Print me 3heads what I`d like in the small scale) to give me 9 Bots. Ifigure they how me a Free one. All send 8 new which are great but no good to me , or money back. At least I`m laughing, I feel so sorry for Wargames Atlantic, we all said last year watch who you get in bed with, don`t tarnish your rep. Stupid thing is there are some good products on this digital, but what scale will they be printed at, so much already is not usable . When it`s all sorted out, I hope the Cargo pallets scale for Cannon fodder and the Oh-Rahs they willl be great and all becomes fixed. But at the moment the sets to large just remind you of original GW. 

  • I've been avoiding GW for a good 30 years now. Perhaps they should take over MMF & show 'em how to screw up and treat their customers with true contempt?

    I see you liked the 'I sent a PM' above, does that mean you never got it?


    [EDIT] A thought just occurred, as these bots are part of the Atlantic Digital file offerings, would one of many Tribesmen lurking on these fora be able print off some of the small MK1 heads to sort you out ? MMF/WA seem to be unable/unwilling to do it. Care in the community?

    I assume the printer software used allows them to correct the (many) scale errors present in the files they are given locally.



  • I am still waiting for my pre-Xmas order to arrive. In there should be 4 of the Robots, but I wonder now what size they will be if and when they ever get here. That and the endless wait for stock to arrive in the Australian warehouse is killing me slowly (at about the same snail-crawl of stuff trying to get to my home down under)

  • @Dennis Horne 

    That's not a bad idea.  

    I don't have a printer and am Stateside.

    Surely someone is UK based?


  • @Dennis Horne My PM`s are a mess I can rarly acexs them and when I do Ive multiple of the same and when I PM someone they get 10/ 12. so sadly I seldem bother it does`nt allways tell me I`ve got one either😰😭 its not on today. Love geoff

  • I finally got my Only Games order in the post yesterday, which included my set of 4 Robots. Looks like I got sent the earlier midget sized versions as well, the overall figures barely reaching the height of my other 28mm figures. I love the sculpting and the print quality is good, although most of the gun barrels were broken off. Not a biggie but I wish they had sent me the larger sized versions. I wanted my robots to look big and menacing, not "Twiki" sized squirts.

    One upside is that the spare arms will make suitably in-scale cyborg limbs for my Cannon Fodder.

  • @Paul Mitting It seems ALL early users were intentionally sent broken scrap weapons and what I have called MK1 figures (possibly also with what I have called nanoheads).

    Hold fire on using those figures. :(

    This is now a PLANETRY class Quality and CS ClusterFuck !

    Any US based victims?


    MMF and WA senior staff response required. :(

    @Lord Marcus I literally just came over onto this forum after answering a comms from Mr Hudson-Thomas - I don't have his handle on this forum - please copy him.

    @Geoff Maybury I'd have sent you my MK1 scrap to help out, but I' been given nanoheads, no use to either of us.

  • Sorry Dennis, I already glued them up and used the spare arms on my Cannon Fodder. I reckon they screwed up the scaling of those early batches, making the arms and bodies the same size as the other human figures, when in fact they should be taller!

  • @Paul Mitting Hard to say when we originally asked way  way back we did say human sized like "Gods and men" , "Chappie" and other films, so with those pictures to go on, I think we did well. I like small human size for me, but I think the large is great as well for others. Problems only really arize when you mix scales . 

  • @Paul Mitting Never mind. By using them, MMF can get out of paying a refund by telling you to return the faulty goods intact.


    @Geoff Maybury @Paul Mitting @JTam  et al

    I've just been pinged by MMF wanting a review of their robots.

    No problem :

    Ordered this back in late December, I ordered 2 packs (i.e. 8 figures). Nothing appeared until late January (dispatch in 10 days ? - Ha!)
    Just like the other product, all attempts to 'Contact Us' were ignored until after that 8th late Jan attempt.
    What arrived a month + late was frankly a box of pre-production, under scaled,  reject,  junk.
    The components delivered were the wrong scale, half of the weapons were broken (and have a design defect making them very difficult to make in the resin.) The heads supplied were unusable being far too small. Unlike the picture illustrated, which suggests multiple arm options per figure I got  8 arm weapons pairs and just a couple of non weapon arms.
    I understand the  heads were remodelled and the entire figure was rescaled after the dispatch to me. No corrective action was taken to fix the issues for early users.
    The product supplied was, in my opinion (a Wargamer of 50 years experience) unfit for purpose. Unsurprisingly, as of today 7 March there is still no resolution to this issue.
    Figures as supplied - Not fit for purpose.
    Quality Control - Non existent.
    Customer Support - Poor -defaults to ignoring you when issues arrive.
    Resolution - Still not resolved almost 4 months after order being debited.
    Do NOT purchase this product or indeed any other from this supplier. Untrustworthy in my opinion based on the above experience.
    This is comfortably the worst purchase  I've had for over Half a Century.
    I bitterly regret not ordering it so via EBay/Etsy or credit card as immediate, no quibble  refund solutions are avilable
    I hope you all agree that this is a fair, honest and scathing review of this product based on nothing more than is expressed in these threads.
    Will it make it onto their website?

  • @Geoff Maybury The Dec 15th announcement of the AI and Human Security Figures is buried in the 2nd page of blogs:

    These show 'MK2's with heads & necks.

    The trouble with these types of Forum is that relevant info quickly becomes submerged in the noise.

    The designer clearly listened to you producing the MK1 offering - it would have been OK in hard plastic, not the resin it ended up in.

    We've all been used as pre-production testers. :(

  • When you look at the original images as shown on the link, the robots are definitely implied to be over the heads of the human security team. The actual models I received have the security team being taller which does not work for my aesthetics. Plus my guys have teeny tiny heads on them!

    I would still love the robot figures made as a hard plastic kit, with some different weapon arms and heads in the mix.

  • Sounds like you got shipped the same  'nanoheads' ultra pre-production junk as I was. :(

    I fitted a spare Anvil Industry head AnvInd Robo Head as a trial on one 'Bot (I'd previously been experimenting with their cyborg stuff and Cannon Fodder figures.) I also had some spare robo arms from the same source.

    The result was a 'Bot which only used the MMF torso which worked.

    Other work arounds ?

    Try using the 'space helmet' heads from the cannon fodder boxes ?

    Strip off the broken weapons from the arms , use unarmed or issue with spares from CF or Stargrave sprues.

    CP models do a nice range of proper scale 28mm metal weapons - these scale correctly to the CF torsos, I've used them with my Militia Platoon.

    CPModels Metal MG

    I'd experimented with refitting a hard plastic barrel onto the broken weapon sprues (see parallel 'missing parts thread'). It works, but I came to the conclusion that the underlying component was just plain sh1t as not to be worth the salvage effort.

    I ended up buying a full set of heads & arms from AnvInd to replace the scrap I'd been supplied.


  • @Bill Thomas @JTam @Geoff Maybury @Paul Mitting @Charles Tottington 

    Last week I finally got a refund from MMF for those underscaled 'Bots ordered last December.

    As part of that discussion, it was stated that they would reach out to the other affected customers.

    Have they?

  • @Dennis Horne I got the early issue of the Robots and have not heard anything at this time. Maybe because I didn't complain about the scale to them directly?

  • @Dennis Horne I was actually happy with mine, although it has made me cautious of future orders 🤔

  • @Paul Mitting Might be worth having a word...

  • @Dennis Horne Maybe. I am giving them another chance to disappoint me - I ordered another batch of minis! We'll see if they can get their sh*t together this time!

  • Oh Only Games, what terrible service you offer! My original order said it would be despatched in 10 days. Here I am at Day 17 and no email to advise it has been sent.

    What I do get are numerous emails offering special discounts and new models, but nothing to tell me what they are doing about the ones I already ordered (and paid for!). B*stards better sort their sh*t out soon!

  • Hi all , Well how do I stand. I got a partial refund, and they said that they await rescale, to send me missing parts. Just tired of it, they  are such a let down,my originals are built. However the squad is missing "Two" heads. Hum bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Geoff Maybury

    I have made mine up with mostly AnvInd bits , only used their torsos. 

    I'll send you the original scale spare arms/weapons I have if you PM me a postal address.   I have heads too, but they are the neckless pre-production 'nano head' junk, might still serve as a temporary stopgap.

    @Paul Mitting Their 'contact us' facility is dysfunctional. Complain directly. I'll PM you the e-mail addresses that (eventually) resulted in the refund.

  • @Paul Mitting Just sent that PM, if you can't see it, reply here.

  • @Dennis Horne Hi mate. I saw the PM and have replied. I will contact them through their normal channels and see if I get any response before going "full Karen mode" on them.

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