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Heat 1 Rounds 1-6 Final Voting

Heat 1 Rounds 1-6 Final Voting

Each day this week we launched a new Round in Heat 1 featuring around 500 entries. We've had thousands of votes so far and will be turning off voting this weekend. Here's your last chance to get your votes in before the Top 10 from each Round is entered into Heat 2.

Next week we will launch Heat 2 (Rounds A-D) with 15 entries in each Round. The top 10 of Heat 2 will be in one final vote in Heat 3 from which we'll declare a winner. 

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D. - April 28, 2021

So it’s been a week, when’s voting for the second heat going up?

Ian Rennie - April 24, 2021

Echoing the people saying that this is such a great and innovative idea.

I’m returning to tabletop and miniatures after about a twenty year absence, and as my major interest is painting I’m always interested in creative and fun ways to work with miniatures. The amount to which Wargames Atlantic is community focused and dedicated to involving the customer in development is absolutely ideal.

Y. Whateley - April 23, 2021

I’m not gonna lie, I think the Cyborg Nuns from the banner image sound like a ton of fun!

This contest has so many fantastic ideas in it – I’m so glad Wargames Atlantic did this, I can’t wait to see what kinds of surprises make it through to the final rounds!

I’m especially loving the obscure, offbeat ideas that sound like they would be fun to kitbash… I’m hoping there’s more demand for things like Victorian SciFi Martians, Hooded Cultists/Monks, Superheroes, and Post-Apocalyptic Biker Gangs than just me and whoever suggested them :)

Darren James Richardson - April 23, 2021

Some really nice sounding sets from round 3 onwards, seriously guys, expanding existing ranges should be a priority, along with female miniatures for various periods, and plastic Victorian Style Steampunk Sci-Fi ranges, be a ground breaker there, as there’s plenty of metal figures around, hardly any plastic!

Mike F - April 23, 2021

I’ve really enjoyed this process, I hope you do it again in the future – I imagined that I would just rush through the selection process to click on my own idea, but there were so, so many kits that people came up with that I got excited about.

Radu Petrovici - April 23, 2021

Thanks WA!! It would be geat if we could also see the numerical results of these votes, for each round.

Loren - April 23, 2021

I’ve noticed that a number of concepts pop up several times. When the results are coagulated I hope that is taken into account some how.

Axel - April 23, 2021

I just hope they have some filter to prevent people from multiple voting, like just accepting one vote per IP.

Frederik F. - April 22, 2021

Love the democracy of this. I am hopeful for some of the options.

david phillips - April 22, 2021

I hope i get something i can use in my war games

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