Wargames Atlantic Presents: 100 file sets celebratory painting contest!

  • Greetings Tribes legion:

    Over the last 9 months since we opened the Tribe (November 2022) we’ve been putting out a load of digital content. Recently, we’ve surpassed 100 unique file sets, all made available on My Mini Factory. Our tribes members, who receive 11-12 file sets each month for the tribes cost of $10 (Early bird) or $12 (regular membership) have made each and every one of these sets possible. The popularity of some digital sets has even pushed new plastic kits into production (Most recently Les Grognard Cavalry, but also the successful “The Damned” Gamefound Campaign that was built upon the hugely popular file set from Atlantic digital.)

    This is quite an accomplishment; however, we are not resting on our laurels. Our sculpting team is continuing to produce content, and more sets will be available to our tribes’ members and for sale very soon.

    To celebrate the achievement of reaching 100 file sets though, we thought it was time for another painting contest. This time centered on digital sets. We’d like to see what you all have been printing and painting!

    There will be 3 categories: Historical, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. As with our previous painting contests, there will be threads here on our company forum for entry submissions, and a general thread for discussion. The contest will run until 08/31/23 and afterwards the Atlantic Digital team will pick our favorite 2 entries from each category.  Conversions and kit-bashing are highly encouraged, and we also like to see Works-in-progress photos.

    1 entry per participant per category allowed.

    The winners will receive a unique prize: Their likeness sculpted by our team, and using the head joinery of their choice so the piece can be fitted to whatever miniature they desire. You could truly be your armies own General! ***

    Don’t have a 3D printer? There are options to get your hands on physical prints of our digital sculpts:

    1. Purchase from our Only-Games store – Only Games is our physical miniature provider, and is based in the UK.
    2. Purchase an STL pack (or if you are a Tribes member, download it!) and contact a printing service local to you for a custom printing commission. If the printing service destroys the files after completing your custom commission and does not sell further copies, there is no ethical or legal breach and you have basically paid someone for printing time and materials.

    Entries should be officially submitted to the threads here on the company forum. Banter and general discussion about the contest can be posted in this thread!

    Fantasy entries


    Historical entries


    Sci-Fi Entries

     We would also like to see all your amazing prints in the “Community prints” section on My Mini Factory. Located on each product page for the individual file sets, the community prints section is a gallery function where you can easily show off your printed models. The images attached to this post illustrate how to navigate to the community prints section and add your images.

    We hope you enjoy the painting contest and look forward to seeing what you create in celebration of Atlantic digital’s 100+ File sets!

    *** Wargames Atlantic reserves the right to deny or request changes to any winner’s prize request, for any reason. Winners will work in contact with the Atlantic Digital team to have their prize created.

  • Are there specific restrictions? Or can we get weird about it? 

  • @Miyuso define weird?

    One entry per category.

  • Should we post the work in progress photos in this thread?

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer Yes, that would be fine, and appreciated!

  • Here's my near future Fallschirmjäger.

    I used an Ooh Rah body and a stargrave head which looks very much like a Fallschirmjäger helmet. I added some details like pouches and a bedroll and voila, heres a german sci fi paratrooper.

  • @Lord Marcus like, can I make large things with multiple things from different kits? Does it need to be 28mm? Can it be more dioramaesque? 

  • @Miyuso Sure, whatever you decide to make. just 1 entry per category. :)

  • Single figure or diorama? What about a unit not in a diorama?

  • Using the Space Frogs as a base for both my Sci-Fi AND Fantasy entries. With some initial kitbashing of course.

  • I'm just hoping to see some weird stuff. Still trying to work out my printer tho. 

  • @Warren Cann that would be a perfectly acceptable entry as well.

  • @David Sjöblom Excellent work on both your sci fi and historical entries! how did you make your admiral?

  • Great entries all around! I had something I designed, but I couldn't organize a print in time. 

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