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    sci-fi - any single figure, group or diorama you may come up with. Conversions and digital kitbashing are encouraged!

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:


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    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • These minis are printed from Wargames Atlantic's Rebel Yell infantry as well as the heavy support set. Printed on a Mars Pro. Here's some back story:

    Cpt. Nathaniel B. Wallace and his company of fighters are veterans of numerous engagements both on the N. American continent and in Europe against the Germans during the Second Great War. With the proliferation and use of super bombs the world has fallen into a post apocalyptic ash waste and Wallace and his men have offered their services to the highest bidders from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. Their engagements involve supply foraging, protection work for local politicians, caravan escorts, and even some more direct engagements, hiring out to various warlords in their territorial conflicts. The ultimate mission for Wallace and his men, though, is to find a home for themselves and their families to forge a new people, to worship, to live, and to thrive, in the midst of a wild and post apocalyptic world.


  • @Andreas Mayrhofer this contest is for Atlantic digital content, not plastics unless using Atlantic digital pieces for conversions. What is from Atlantic Digital in your entry?

  • @Lord Marcus oh my bad. I didn't realize that you only have to use digital sets. No native speaker here. I'll delete the entry.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer No problem. It could simply be a headswap with a 3D printed head from atlantic digital and it would be a valid entry. :)

  • Team Name: The Ludhiana Titans  - Mods used Bulldogs body and weapons -modified Ottoman heads and Thuggee heads digital prints.

    Backstory for the Group:

    The Ludhiana Titans are the descendants of the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs, an esteemed infantry regiment in the British Indian Army. They represent the best of Earth's warriors, drawn from the regiment's long and honorable history. Together, they have forged a new brotherhood in the alien arenas, bound by their shared military heritage and an unwavering commitment to each other.

    Individual Biographies:

    1. Captain Amarjeet Singh: The team leader and a brilliant tactician. Amarjeet embodies the proud tradition of the Ludhiana Sikhs. Though initially shocked by the abduction, he has adapted quickly, providing wisdom and guidance to his team.

    2. Lieutenant Hardeep Gill: Second-in-command, Hardeep is known for his agility and sharpshooting skills. A scholar of military history, he brings a deep understanding of warfare that transcends Earth's boundaries.

    3. Sergeant Balwant Thakur: The team's heavy weapons expert. Balwant's intimidating presence belies a gentle soul. His strength and courage have saved the team in many battles.

    4. Corporal Jaspal Dhillon: A communications and technology specialist, Jaspal is the team's connection to Earth's tactical knowledge. He has adapted Earth's strategies to the Death Fields, finding unexpected success.

    5. Private Paramvir Sandhu: A fearless front-line soldier, Paramvir has shown a talent for hand-to-hand combat with various alien species. His relentless spirit inspires the team.

    6. Private Inderjit Bains: A seasoned sniper, Inderjit's patience and precision have turned the tide in many battles. He's a man of few words but unquestionable loyalty.

    7. Corporal Gurpreet Kaur: The team's medic and the only woman in the group, Gurpreet has adapted Earth's medical practices to the alien environment. Her calm demeanor brings comfort to the team.

    8. Private Harkirat Chawla: Harkirat's speed and agility make him an exceptional scout. He's the eyes and ears of the Titans, gathering intelligence on opponents and terrain.

    9. Sergeant Manpreet Sekhon: Manpreet, a demolition expert, brings creativity and flair to the battlefield. He's the team's wild card, always finding inventive solutions to dire situations.

    10. Private Sarabjit Malik: Sarabjit's resilience and determination have earned him the nickname "The Wall." He specializes in defense and has protected his teammates from countless attacks.

    11. Corporal Tarsem Randhawa: Tarsem, an expert in alien weaponry, has made studying the armament of the Death Fields his personal mission. His innovations have given the Titans a technological edge.

    12. Private Kuldeep Nagra: The youngest member, Kuldeep's enthusiasm and raw talent have made him a rising star. A natural-born fighter, he's quickly become a fan favorite.

    Final Thoughts:

    Together, the Ludhiana Titans have become a symbol of Earth's fighting spirit. They are warriors, bound by history, and thrown into an unimaginable future. The combination of their military background and individual specializations has created a formidable team that honors their ancestors' legacy, even in the alien arenas of the Death Fields. Whether they win or lose, their story is a testament to human courage, adaptability, and unity in the face of the unknown.The 15th

  • Title: Imperial Navy Admiral, advisors and attachés.

    Description: STL kitbash with parts from no less than 10 different WA kits; Fantasy Cultists, Priests, Monks, Orthodox Priests, Ship Admiral, Victorian police, The Damned, Arena Security robots, Aztec sacrifice , Gebirgsjäger German Troops.

    From left to right; Machine-Priest, Void Seer, Admiral, Commissar, Chaplain 


  • @Troy Cook Non European troops - nice.

    Do a 2nd run, re arm them with Rensissance torsos & weaponry rather than Bulldog and you have a crew for use with the Frostgrave Ghost Archipeligo rules (and a second entry for the Fantasty part of this comp).

    (Indeed you could use the torsos off a Ghost Archipeligo crew box as a basis )

    I've used CF1 plastics with Perry Afghan heads to make up a south asian Xenos rampant detachment on similar lines. No MMF or digital bits, so I fall foul of the same issue as Andreas for this comp.

  • 3d Printed some Death Field Arena Security for use in a Space Station scenario for one of my games. Printed on a Mars Pro 2. Part Speed paint and part traditional dry brushing.


  • Forum username - Tobias Voss

    Title of entry - Frog Marines

    Description of entry
    And suddenly I felt the one comment I read, probably in MyMiniFactory: I did not know that I needed these, until I saw them...
    Team of 5 Frogs, will become Elite Infantry in Xenos Rampant later on. Probably part of a intergalactic police force.

  • Forum username - Brendon Sterma

    Title of entry - Galactic Frog Soldier

    Description of entry -
    Base: Death Fields N’Glonhgk Infantry
    Printed using PLA on FDM printer.
    Default 32mm Scale
    Mirrored one rifle arm to achieve dual-weilding effect.
    Colour scheme based on Nerf brand toy firearms.

  • Forum username - Mitchell Campbell

    Title of entry - Ruby Valkyries

    Description of entry 

    Had these beautiful valkyrie models printed up and painted them up in this red metallic paint I had (A friend pointed out they have the same scheme as Optimus Prime from transformers, I guess I know where I subconciously got the colour scheme for then!) They're gonna go with my WIP Einherjar team! I wish the Einherjar had more options either plastic or digital but these Valkyrie are pretty cool and will be great fast and elite troops!



  • Forum Username: Georg Dierkes

    Title: Bonnie and Clyde

    Description: The famous ganster couple Bonnie and Clyde... as frogs... in space...

    Bonnie is a digital kitbash consiting of a N’Glonhgk head and a Valkyrie body


  • Forum Name: Richard Smeeton

    Sneakfeet Sniper

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