Wargames Atlantic presents: Character Painting Contest 2023

  • Greetings all,

    On behalf of Wargames Atlantic I am here to announce and open another painting competition.

    From larger than life figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, to individual unit leaders and command models, and even individual unit models, it is important to make certain figures stand out when painting. Whether it is extra highlights over-and-above what you usually paint, unique conversions, or even gold buttons instead of silver no detail is too little. 

    This contest centers around such characterful additions to your collections. The contest will have a single category: "Characters and single models". Entries must be Wargames Atlantic Figures. Conversion parts from other ranges are acceptable but you must begin with a WGA figure. You can use any of our plastics, or any of the many excellent Wargames Atlantic Digital kits.

    Diorama's and battle scenes will not be accepted. This contest is centered on single figures.

    The contest officially opens at time of posting, 11/17/2023, and will end on New Years Eve 2023 at 11:59 pm.

    Winners will be chosen in the new year. First place will recieve their choice of 3 Wargames Atlantic plastic boxed sets. Second place will recieve 2 boxed sets. 3rd place will recieve 1 boxed set.

    This thread is for rules, discussion, and WIP images you may wish to share.

    The thread linked below will be for entries.

    Entries thread link

    The thread linked below will assist you with adding photos to your posts. This is best done on a laptop or desktop computer. 

    How to add photos link

  • I suppose that a single, lavishly-painted Grognard Heavy Weapons Team is out of the question?

    Shame - I have lavished quite a good amount of detail on these.


    Even so, I have to say these painting contests are awesome, so the more, the merrier! 

    Thank you for organizing them.

  • @TAP M113 no sir, as that would be 3 models on one stand. You could however make a character out of one of the figures in the kit as it is a command frame.

  • Can we make multiple entries? I'm finishing up one entry today, and thought of another chatcter I might want to enter.

  • @Red Bee Single Entry per entrant, please.

  • @Mr Paul R Golder Did you varnish your policeman?

  • My humble entry, our bounty hunter returning with his seasonally appropriate quarry

  • @Jason Szymkowski Dang, seems upon review I put this post in the wrong place. Oh well, maybe next time...


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