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  • Please post official entries to the 2023 character painting contest as comments in this thread.

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:

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    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • Charles Mosher

    Wounded Soldier

    WW1 German soldier missing an eye. I messed up his eye and attempted to fix it. Then I messed it up again and again and decided he lost it in combat. 


  • Andrew Heil

    Infected Crewman

    This crewman has been infected with an alien virus and turned into a hybrid. I started with a Cannon Fodder body and Harvester arms, then used a Harvester egg-pod as a mutated head.

    Andrew Heil - Infested Crewman

  • Andreas Mayrhofer 

    "Obergefreiter Heinrich Schreck, Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1, Eastern Front autumn 1964"

    "In this alternative timeline WW2 started in 1959, so the Germans had the chance to use their engineering skills and came up with advanced protective gear and equipment. Heinrich wears the M52 Para trousers in autumn camo, M50 fieldblouse in fieldgrey, M49 Para helmet in the typical Luftwaffe blue grey and the latest M58 "Beschusshemmende Weste" body armour vest. As Maschinengewehrschütze he is armed with the MG54 LMG."

    I used an Ooh Rah body and arms as mainframe. I cut the rifle from the right arm and replaced it with one from the Ironcore Stormtroopers kit. The head is from Northstars Stargrave mercenary kit as it reseembles the WW2 Fallschirmjäger helmet. I added extra magazine drums and a backpack to complete the conversion. He's mostly painted with Army painter paints on a zenithal base coat 




  • Ruud Mooij

    A Landsknecht Ogre ( i didnt paint his fangs cause i wanted him to represent a giant human)

    My landsknecht ogre

  • @Ruud Mooij With smoke for a cooler photo

  • Werewolf 3D print.

    @Ron Hembling 

  • SuperChicken

    Terash, the burning dragon.


    Body is from goths, right arm from Atlantic digital Russians I think, the head from tollense bridge, shield from dark age Irish.

  • Here's my entry: The reckless and indomitable Tod (or maybe his son) from Tod's Folly in Turnip 28


    Tod here is made from a running Sneak Feet torso, a Halfling Militia polearm (improperly braced, to show how reckless Tof is), a smug N’Glonhgk Infantry head and a bit of green stuff to make his signature beat up rabbit ear hoody. I also added a shrunk down Alien Trees and a misprints Rebel Yell backpack to the base for a bit of appropriatly odd terrain. 

    **Edit my wife delivered on better pictures!


  • I'd like to present PC Duncan - part of the late victorian London Police force armed with a ex Navy rifle to be deployed against armed opponents on the streets of london.

    This is a kitbash of the 1890 Police STL's and the British Colonial Navy STL's.  The figure was "built" in 3d Builder then exported as an STL, imported into Voxeldance Tango - had supports added then sliced and print file created.  Printed on a Mars 4 9k resin printer.

    PC Duncan 2PC Duncan 3Pc Duncan

  • Tobias Voss

    Confederate Officer

    ...leading a charge on the battlefield near a small, but almost unknown town called Gettisberg in the Ardennes.

    Conversion out of only WA Digital Files: British Trench Raider, Polish Uhlan Arms, WW1 Confederate Head

  • Scout/Front(wo)man

    This is a conversion from Cannon Fodder 2: I used head, body & a backpack from the sprue, plus Ohra's arms, cut & modified and an holster. The body was modified with putty and plasticard, to remove the front "zip" and making a flackjacket, plus belts for the pouch and the holster. The only things not from WGA are the pouch on the left leg(from Pig Iron) and the one on the hip, from Stargrave.

    The pose was inspired by an image I saw here:


  • Daughters of Thor

    One from my Shieldmaiden warband.

    WA digital sculpt with modified neckline, spear arm, spear and shield from my bits box.

  • Claude had waited 10 days past the designated arrival time of the 54th armored engineer division being sent from New Antioch to reinforce this particular sector of nomansland. What remained of his tired squadron drummed on empty canteens and softly sang the hymnals of their northern homeland. Paulo, a native of the walled city, and the designated forward lookout could be seen slowly crawling over the catered wastes to report sightings to his now anxious NCO. as he closed the gap to their foxhole, the blood streaming from Paulo's ears told Claude all he needed to know. The Heretics had arrived before support, and by night's end, the best outcome would be that they had met their Lord. 


    Claude the Trench Crusader is made from trench raiders and german hmg team parts mixed with some other greebles. 

  • @Thomas Brewer 

  • Sgt Magnus Sgt Magnus Sgt Magnus Sgt Magnus

    "Sgt Magnus"

    Sgt Magnus was created from Wargames Atlantic digital files.

    Body - Rebel Yell

    Head - Irish Chieftain

    Arms - The Damned

  • Argath "The Striker", modelled for duck themed runequest games.

    Body = WGA Halflings

    Sword = WGA Conquistadors

    Marble brick on a chain = Chain is WGA Cannon fodder, brick is from other bits of plastic.

    Head = Converted from several open source parts under CC.


  • Name: Brian Van De Walker

    Entry Title: Medici Confederation Condottieri with bardiche

    Background: Soldiers of fortune from the Medici Confederation can be found fighting for coin in battlefields across flying isles ranging from steaming lizardmen infested Katar jungles to the snow bound tundra of Pushkin. The leaders of these bands mercenaries of are called condottieri ormercenary captain” in old Medici (fantasy Italian).  Some condottieri are from the Medici Noble Houses, others are Veteran commanders of now fallen foreign nations, still others are little better than bandit bosses.     

    Part list: Body, right arm, pistol holster, and axe bundle are all from the Wargames Atlantic WW2 Italian set.  Head is from the Wargames Atlantic Partisan sprue. The left arm is an old Warlord WW2 British open hand arm and the base he is on is also from Warlord. The bardiche axe is from the Fireforge bardiche sprue and the shoulder armor is from the RGD GAMING satyrs set.




    More info:  Yes the axe and knife bundle are placed that way on purpose because I thought it would be cooler looking.


  • Boris Blackhand

    A name earned due to the black hand prints he leaves on things, thanks to the black powder from his pistols on his hands.

    Boris Blackhand is a notorious Ogre Bounty Hunter , and member of the Hunters Guild, if you want a bounty claimed he’s your man… well Ogre. Assuming you want them more dead than alive, while not common for him to bring bounties back alive, he can. However his preference of pistols of an appropriate size for himself tends to make his targets unrecoverable in a living state.

    From time to time he can be seen working as a Landsknecht leading forces for the highest bidder, and when he is not hunting a bounty or leading on the field, he can be found in the nearest ale house drinking his fill, which is probably the only time his cigar leaves his lips since it’s needed to lite the fuse on his pistols.

    (Parts used are all Landsknecht Ogres kit)

  • Username: Charlie Mansfield

    Entry Title: Oberscharführer Friedhelm Schulze, 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer

    Background: After taking part in Operation Büffel, the 9th Armies retreat from the Rhzev salient, the 8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer were ordered to perform bandenbekämpfung operations near Babruysk, Eastern Belarus. Pictured is Oberschaführer Friedhelm Schulze charging a Soviet affiliated partisan position while performing these bandenbekämpfung operations near Babruysk, August 1943.

    By the wars end the 8th SS cavalry would lose most of their horses in fighting on the hungarian plains, with the few surviving horses being eaten by the desperate defenders in the the 50 day seige of Budapest where most of division was also destroyed.

    Parts Used for Conversion:

    Rider - Wargames Atlantic Digital Savoia Cavalleria Body and Arms, with right hand with grande, pistol holster and satchel from Warlord Games Fallschirmjager, head and Kar98 rifle from Warlord Games German Late War Grenadiers.

    Horse - Wargames Atlantic Digital WW1 Cossak Cavalry with Stowage from Wargames Atlantic Digital Savoia Cavalleria and Canteen and Satchel from Warlord Games German Late War Grenadiers

  • Username: Bryn Smith

    Entry Title: Nameless cultist

    “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
    In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.
    ― H.P. Lovecraft

    The mortal worshippers of the Great Old One, Cthulhu. The cult believes that their worship will one day result in the return of Cthulhu, and that when he awakens they will be able to throw all notions of morality and compassion aside, transforming the world into a landscape of violence and bloodshed. After year of worhsip the cult have finally succeeded in they're apirations of finally waking the great old one... Cthulhu!

  • “I came for the bugs and stayed for the hugs!”, Corporal Zin-77G, a genetically modified combat trooper. Zin loves to rain down hellfire on the xenos with his R7 grenade launcher.

    Still technically human, the Raytheon-Nugami combat trooper program breeds elite warriors from carefully selected human DNA. 

    “The blue skin color is purely a byproduct of the sophisticated genetic sequencing process used to create these exemplary warriors. Any rumors that it was done intentionally to mark their place in society is simply media speculation and absolutely false”, Raytheon-Nugami spokesperson.

    Painted by:  Tom Kelley,



  • @Daniel Broaddus

    Full model from the Wargames Atlantic Digital kit: Great War Cthulu Cultists, printed on my Mars Pro

    Cthulu Cult Sorcerer:


  • @Nicholas Aiton 

    That guy looks great!

  • @Thomas Kelley Thanks man, yours looks great as well, the metallic parts of the launcher particularly. 

  • Name: Georg Dierkes

    Title: Merlin the Magician

    Description: Merlin from the digital set "Sub-Roman Warlord and Retinue" doing whatever magicians do, when they think nobody is watching them.

  • Name: Dragon Wyrm

    Title: The Chained Phoenix

    Description: This is a figure that is made from. the body and head from "Renaissance Onna-Bushi" and the hands from "Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra" digital kits. I decided to make the eyes inhuman, by painting the whites red and irises yellow. That is also meant to hint at the phoenix nature. Not all being as it seems is additionally hinted at by the phoenix being reborn on the back of the robes. Now it is time for the backstory.

    On the roof of the world
    Lived a bird of flame
    The wind swirled

    Till the men came
    And the beast was chained
    It became a dame

    Its weakness is feigned
    It will never be tame
    As it is ordained


  • Andy Smith

    The Beast of Briegaven

    "The last we saw of Tuomas was him drunkenly boasting how he'd caught the beast in a trap whilst waving around what he claimed was it's thumb. Of course we didn't believe a word of it and  told him not to draw attention to himself but he just wouldn't listen. I suppose there must of been some truth to his claim as some of the fishermen found him three days later out by the lake, well.... what was left of him anyways..." 

    - Concerened villiager.

    I accidetally ended up breaking a few of the wereolves fingers whilst stripping it after my spray paint misbehaved so i thought i'd lean into it and include that mishap in it's backstory. 

    The unfortunate Tuomas was created in blender using one of Dracula's corpses as a base which i then dressed with parts from the peasants kit before disfiguring it significantly. 

    Kits used:  Werewolves, Peasants, Dracula .

  • Forum username: Francesco Chiementin


    Title: Convict Leader in makeshift Power Armor



    Only a tough Convict can become leader of a gang, this guy managed to assemble a makeshift Power Armor with exoskeleton movement reinforcements. Armes with a flame Blade and a scrapped autorifle he Is a serious threat on the Battlefield.

    WG cannon fodder miniature with scratch built pieces (armor), WG oohrah pieces (back pack), greenstuff world details (base), anvil industries resin weapons and head, stargrave crew parts (back pack, ammo belt). Painted with contrast paints.

  • Brun, the Baron's Bodyguard

    House Valens had been the pre-eminent ruling house of the Empire for the last three decades under Emperor Soros. However, with the Emperor's assassination and the Empire's lords all pointing fingers at one another, it seems war may be inevitable. As every nobleman's mother once told them, "you're always less likely to be stabbed in the back if you've a well-fed ogre behind you."

    They're the best soldiers- loyal, well-trained, and in absence of a great excess of intelligence- they're bloody strong. Brun, my lad here, has been watching over my household ever since the Imperial Troubles began. And every single meeting I've had with every single corrupt, stuffy, self-interested lord has been the better for his presence. He considers me a friend, my dear Brun. And I too, must admit I've grown fond of his company. He has a way of seeing the world that's... Charming, really. Like a child, but one who can hurl a halberd the size of a horse through a stone building. And the best part?

    Brun works for grog. And my lands produce the finest peasant swill in the North provinces. Really, my friend, you must get yourself an Ogre sooner rather than later. I can recommend you a fine recruiter, if you're inclined? Send me a reply too, old sport and I'll give you all the information you need. Better sooner, before those river-wading western families hire up all the good ones, hm?

    - Letter from Baron Arkos Valentine to his friend and correspondant, Luka Manikos, circa 1345, Imperial Calendar.

    Brun, the Baron's Bodyguard

  • User: Josh Toman

    Captain for a war transformed

  • Sgt. R. S. "Ribsnapper" Rochemutte. Special Team .0001, a.k.a. The Losers. Price of entry: a headstone. Kit modification: head-Bulldogs, arms-accessories sprue 1 and Les Grognards. Additional gear- Raumjager sprue and accessories sprue 1.

  • The Losers, Special Combat team. All members are recruited from players multiple times sole survivors of other teams. Highly agressive and all pretty much Lucky, Quick, Smart, etc. No shortage of replacement  players either. (Comes with Cool logo for Merch)

  • Thank you everyone for your entries! We will be announcing a winner soon.

  • @J.E. Junkers  - User@J.E. Junkers 

  • Will you announce the winners here on this thread?

  • @Bryn Smith I'd like to say the skulls at the front of his base are an excellent touch.

  • @Thomas Kelley

  • @Andy Smith A triumph of kitbashing, sir.

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