Rules you'd like us to stock?

  • We've been adding lots of digital publications to the Atlantic Digital part of the site. If you know someone who's a rules writer and/or you have a favorite set that's being sold elsewhere in PDF format - let them know we're accepting new entries! 

  • I would suggest reaching out to Osprey directly to see if they'd like to resell through WGA. They have an absurdly good collection of wargames for which WGA minis would be perfect. Given they are an established and respected business already, it would be probably be best to contact them B2B instead of some rando emailing them.

    That being said, I'll try reaching out to Mike "Skuzzy" Nielsen to see if he'd like to put a PDF of the original Vor for sale on the Atlantic Digital site.

  • Having the Quar (Qaur?) Rules on the site would be nice.

  • I think Nordic Weasel's games would be a great fit. I'm a fan of their solo sci-fi games (Weasel Tech and Five Parsecs from Home), but they have several other games in the fantasy and WW2 genres that are mini agnostic.

  • The game is still in Alpha playtesting, but Trench Crusade would be a fantastic addition considering that you folks have released a huge amount of fantastic kitbash material that works for the game. 

  • I would recommend Firelock Games rules. Their skirmish games are the perfect match for WGA kits (especially the WW1 era kits and Victorian era stuff).

  • @Daniel Broaddus I think that used to be a thing. When I started playing Blood & Valor, the starter set was WGA Germans and French. Subsequently, that seems to no longer be the case.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't know of any that already have their own ranges like Warlord Games' Konflict 47 and Bolt Action.

    I mean it would be nice for them to move a chunk of their range from metal to plastic, but I don't know whether or not it would be possible to stock rules from them since you guys are kind of competators (even though I don't know of anyone else who does Weird War 2 games, you could look into that.)

  • xenos rampant would be pretty good for your wide range of scifi

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