[resource] Sourcing affordable vehicle kits for Deathfields army building

  • So this thread is meant to be a collaborative one where we share the various vehicle sources we've run across, which can be combined with the Deathfields figures to create more interesting armies in whatever ruleset you are using the WGA kits for. especially cheaper and less well known sources, like historical model kits or converted toys. (most gamers already know about GW, mantic, Rubicon, etc, in my experiance)

    i'm not going to include links to specific sellers, since i'm not sure the board's policy about them.


    one kit that comes to mind to me, especialyl as we get closer to The Damned coming out, but also useable for Bulldogs if painted up in a steampunky fashion, is the 1/48th scale Tamiya BA-64B armored car kit, which can usually be found on Amazon for around $10.

    the BA-64B was a russian scout car from ww2, little more than a 4WD car chassis (taken from their Jeep clone) fitted with some armor for protection from rifle rounds and an open topped turret with an LMG. the kit is very simple, and from reviews i've found, fairly easy to build.

    it is very likely that a bit of plasticard and a spare Machinegun bit could convert the turret into a closed one, and give it a weapon that fits the visuals of your army. (and IRL it wasn't uncommon for the crews to replace the 7.62mm light machinegun with something heavier, like a 12.7mm heavy MG or a 20mm antitank rifle.)


    another Tamiya model that can be found affordably on amazon most of the time, is the British 7Ton Armored Car Mk.IV, also in 1/48th scale. better known as the Humber armored Car MK.IV. another scout vehicle, albeit a heavier and more well armed one that IRL could fill infantry support roles, it ought to look good alongside most of the Human deathfields factions (and probably would do well alongside the SpaceNam as well!) on amazon you can usually find thise for about $19-20.


    an the last one for this post, another Tamiya 1/48th scale option, the "U.S. Howitzer Motor Carriage M8". this one is an actual light tank (a modified M3 chassis in fact) fitted with a short barrel howitzer. on amazon this one can also be found for between $18-20. IMP this one would fit well alongside the Rumjager and cannonfodder.


    anyone else got any suggestions? (while i filter through my amazon wishlists looking for more)

  • Aside from Plastic kits. (1/48 too large, perhaps look at 1/56 scale ?)


    Look at other materials (mosy of these trade on EBay/Etsy) 

    Mdf kits :



    Bespoke Resin:

    Paragon Star

    Butlers Printed Models


    On day thay Damned truck will appear ...... ;)


  • On Internet you can find various paper models, not as good as plastic, but there are various options, such as AFVs & IFVs, with a bit of patience and some greeblies, they could be a decent (& cheaper !) alternative to plastic kits.

  • Free Such as 

    Dune Buggy from Genet

    Sand Geko and from sirrob01

    I've made up 3 of the former,  XR stats of soft, T5, slow, unarmed SMU gives you a 5 man squad transport element useful for transporting slow support elements into position.

    My photo capacity is off line at the moment otherwise I'd demo.


  • The tamyia 1/35 Pzkpfw II makes a pretty good battle tank when outfitted with a bigger gun. They come fairly cheap for around 10-15 bucks 

  • @Mithril2098 I bought the British 7-ton Armoured Car a while back. It's definitely close enough for Death Fields, especially when you put your dudes on bases. It was a nice build, and it's going to look great with my Bulldogs!

  • Was thinking about this. I've seen some interesting options from dollar stores that can be modified. The other thing is, what other designs could work rather than what looks like old Earth models? I know other "grim dark" games like to use WW1 looking designs, but that doesn't mean that Deathfields would do the same 

  • @Miyuso this is true, and if i find any I'll definstely point them out. But non-historical based designs are a lot rarer, especially in the more affordable price ranges. My selection from the first post was mostly just focused on some kits I'd found that i felt matched the aesthetics of the infantry figures enough they'd look good alongside.

    I have found a few more modern real world vehicle kits in the more affordable price range, which I'll try to post soon

  • @Mithril2098 Well, that is not totally the case, there are a couple of really cheap options for cool looking SciFi that are not really historical at all:

    Firstly you can actually build pretty good SciFi vehicals out of deodrant bottles (the oldhammer grave tank), floss boxes (I recommend Oral-B for grav buggys or buggy cabs) or other trashable but durable plastic containers:


    Outside of trashbashing there are other non-WW1 options for sci-fi vehicales that don't cost too much.

    Two of note were Tehnolong's Robogear and  Bronekorpus lines both of which while blocky did not have any clear historical influnce and they look good next to Deathfields stuff. The only issue is they where from Russia (what with current trade embargos), that said one can probably still get sets from both this side through indirct retailor warhouses in place's like China for still reasonable prices and ebay lots of both show up now and then.

    Then there are the 1/48 and 1/35 anime mecha and vehicle kits coming out of Japan. While there are many that cost quite a bit, some vary in cost from $30.00 to $15.00 or even less particularly if you shop ebay. I can recommend typing in takara models in your favorite online store (or ebay), in particular thier  Votom Armored Trooper kits if you choose to go that route.

    There are also plenty of starwars and starwars themed models Like Bandai's AT-ST or pocket models STL collection.

    Now of the actual model sets outside of mantic that probably would work best with Death Fields kits with a little work  (given they seem like they can built with Boltaction in mind just as easily as Wh40k) is probably MENG's Toon Tank line which is mostly WW2 themed chibi tanks (even the light smaller tanks like the Sherman look okay next to Death Fields figures).

     Another option is converting toys like Tim Mee Toy Pattons or the Doller tree Final Faction toys.


  • @Brian Van De Walker true enough, i just haven't had a chance to go searching for scifi specific stuff. hobbylinkjapan would probably be the best place to search for the anime kits, but i've mostly just bought gunpla stuff from them. Bandai does have a 1/48th scale mecha line now that might be worth looking into i think? the 'Mailes' line i think it's called? and i know some of the 1/144th scale gunpla kits could probably be passed off as 28mm mecha. (and i know some of the macross kits can work.. have seen people use them and Dougram kits of various scales for 28mm scale battletech before.)

    from some more of my amazon finds though, some more modern 'historicals' kits in affordable price ranges.

    Tamiya is highly represented here too, since not many others have a 1/48th scale line that isn't just aircraft. (1/32nd and 1/72nd are more common. the former is a bit oversized, the latter way too small)

    the "Tamiya 32563 1/48 US Modern 4x4 Utility Vehicle" is basically a truck style Humvee, which could be used as a squad sized troop transport easily enough. around $34.

    the '32590 1/48 JGSDF Light Armored Vehicle' ($25) could be used as a small unit transport, or with the addition of a kitbashed turret turned into a light combat vehicle. (iirc kromlech and puppets war do resin 'not-40k' turrets, and etsy has a ton of 3d printed options. heck, you could probably fit some of the guns from the grognard heavy weapons box (or the upcoming Damned version) to it)


    and a trio of tanks.. perhaps a little recognizable, but some plasticard, bits, and maybe a barrel swap with some tubing could add some scifi flair.

    Tamiya 32592 1/48 M1A2 Abrams ($32-34), Tamiya 32598 Russian Medium Tank T55 ($27-30), British Main Battle Tank Challenger 2 Desert TAM32601 ($31)


    and this is one i'm not 100% sure about. i know Tamiya is good quality, but i'd never heard of this company. but it is worth a mention for the price. Atlantis models, the Atlantis M-109 SP Howitzer ($21)


    one downside of these kits is the use of rubber treads. i'm not sure how hard it would be to replace them with resin or plastic, if you want something more durable.



    doing a quick trawl of hobby link japan (hlj.com), i'd say the votoms suggestion is a good one, though a lot of the affordable ones are in backorder. 

    but the "HG Burglarydog" from bandai is supposed to release in may and is listed for $29. 

    and the Bandai "HG Scopedog" is in backorder for $21.

    neither have a scale given but i found listings saying they're about 4.5 inches tall, making them similar sized to the gundam kits. so around 1/35th i think? not very familiar with votoms.

    there are various 1/35th scale ones by a company called 'wave', in the $30-40 range.
    "snapping turtle", "brutish dog", and "standing tortoise" are in stock, while "blood sucker' and "berzerga" are backordered..
    (not going to post pics of all of those)


    and there is a weird "MechatroWeGo Votoms Collaboration Series Vol.1: Scopedog & Kiriko" by hesegawa with two wierd 'potato' mecha for $21.


  • When it comes to scale, is 1/48 the "best" option for Heroic 28mm?  I'm wondering, if we had a solid scale to work from, if Wargames Atlantic would consider doing some cool "accessories" for some of these kits to make them Death Fields? It likely wouldn't take much, especially if they took existing stuff from the Tribes. 

  • unfortunately it is often more of a personal preference thing. in my experiance, 1/48 tends to look best with 28mm, especialyl the heroic proportioned ones. the hatches and doors look big enough for the bulk of the figures, the vehicles tend to have enough height, width, length, etc to feel natural alongside based minis, etc. but a lot of 1/35th scale stuff works as well, it'll just be bigger. and sometimes smaller stuff like 1/72 or even 1/144th can work too (especially for stuff like robots or scifi vehicles). it depends a lot on stuff like recognizable details. that 1/35 Pzkpfw II that @Andreas Mayrhofer posted for example, looks just fine alongside the grognard figures, despite 'technically' being more than twice the scale. part of that is the Panzer II was a rather tiny vehicle IRL but a lot of it just stems from the fact that he's converted it to help hide some fo the more revealing details.
    (in a more extreme example, a HG Zaku model is about 5 inches tall. it's 1/144th scale ifgoing by the Gundam setting's info.. but you could easily run it in a 28mm game as a small piloted robot because there aren't any obvious hatches or handholds or whatever that make the scale obvious)

    with real world vehicle kits the biggest issue even with the 1/48 scale stuff when used with 28mm heroic tends to be how tiny the guns are, compared to the exaggerated gun sizes on the miniatures. thus why they usually need some converting to look 'right' even if there aren't size issues with the vehicle itself.

    technically speaking, 28mm 'truescale' is about 1:64th, and some historicals games (like bolt action) and minis makers like Warlord and Rubicon use that scale for their vehicles. but often those end up feeling undersized once you get stuff like bases involved, due to the added height and spacing gaps between figures. and once you get into heroic proportion sculpts, 1/64 really starts feeling excessively tiny.

  • Atlantis Models are re-issueing some of the old Aurora 1/48 scale tanks and vehicles. The M109 is one of them.                                                                             Rubicon and Warlord both list their vehicles as 1/56 scale not 1/64. Which still       looks small compared to most current 28mm figures.


  • there are a lot of "28mm is [scale]" claims.. i've even seen some people sayingthey're 1/72nd.. and given i bought 1/72nd figures to play with like armymen toys growing up, that is way off.. (a 1/72nd human is about the size of a 28mm figure's LEG)

    which is the main reason i stick to 1/48th for the most part, it has the best balance of "big enough to look look right, but small enough it doesn't take up the whole game area"

  • Look at this video:


    Some of the bulkier models could pass for "Landmate" style mechs

  • Also, talking about vehicles, could you upside any of the models in Digital to make something into a walker?

  • @Miyuso i think that question would be better asked in the "atlantic digital" subforum than in here.

    @Alessio De Carolis the downside being that the "gundam artifact" line of tiny models has been OOP for half a decade, and weren't easy to get outside of japan even when they were being made.

    however he does do a few videos [ here and here] using some of the larger currently available kits to make combat robots, which could fill a "battle tank" or 'artillery tank' role. he was usign them as Tau Riptides, but for 40K they could easily count as Armigers or even Knights, depending on the kit.

  • Actually the best fit for "Heroic 28mm scale" outside of models made with heroic scale in mind are simple non-scale toyatic style stuff like MENG's Toon Tank line or the Buzz Lightyear toy vehicles since heroic isn't really a scale so much as a style of mini-sculpting (a rather cartoony style I might add that was designed to sell to kids originally 😆).  Basically if the hatches/doors it comes with or you have added look like they could fit the "heroic scale" bodies your working with believably to you, then it works. Vehicles can be anything from a sold as 1/24 car kits to a 1/144 mecha as long as it looks like it could fit in with your heroic scale figures, (and yes people have moded 1/72 vehicles into heroic scale ones😉).

    You can even use army men tanks and trucks, I will list these three that seem to be among the cheapest options outside of dumpster diving that I have heard “good things about” in my Facebook groups and elsewhere occasionally (I wanted to list them earlier but I could not find them for sale anywhere till after a long hunt).

    You will likely want was wash and do a ton of conversion work to these before painting them, and I will warn I am using Aliexpress  (which is not noted for safe shipping) for this because USA  Amazon and Ebay don’t seem to carry all of these by themselves anymore (UK/EU/AU/Canada/elsewhere might be a different story), anyway now for some blue links:

    First we have the highly recommended cheap Chinese plastic double barreled light tanks/tankette  (nicknamed  the Shoddy by some) they also seem to work for more historical scale VBCW gaming as well.  This is a 10 to a pack link here

    Then there is the armored APC based loosely on a real Chinese APC. It is rather large by 28mm standards (I have seen it billed as being 1/24), but I have heard of it being used for 28mm war gaming (my guess is as some larger more fantastical vehicles in 40k). Link here

    And finally there are these “not rhinos” that supposedly work as you guessed rhino tank proxies, they do seem to be big enough for that and at least don't look like WW1 tanks. Here is a link to those.

    There is also this truck which you can get on ebay still in 10 packs , but they seem to be better for more true to life historical scale minis.

    Now, those are not the best options clearly, but they are among (if not) the cheapest, again meng toon tanks and Technolog are probably the best inexpensive with decent quality options for most Death fields force needs outside of STL land though both have issues (one is chibi WW2 tanks and just the chibi WW2 tanks except for a rare Chibi APC kit based on a Chinese SciFi film, while the other  is Russian based meaning you can’t get them except by lucky ebay  finds). 

    For slightly better quality that is still cheap I have seen people convert paw patrol, Buzz Lightyear and other action figure vehicles to satisfy their heroic scale motor pool needs. The Buzz Lightyear truck and drop ship in particular have been making the rounds in conversion circles, the truck even has tutorial on the Malstrom Edge website blog.(by the way you should really check that blog out).

    There is also a sea of 1/50 to 1/24 diecast vehicles ranging from cars, construct and normal army vehicles to things such as the tank like Batmobiles. Some work, some don't, some work better for historical scale 28mm stuff like the Ironcore line. 

    Now there are a couple of "made for heroic scale model" sites that sell "cheap" parts in addtion to full models that would be useful if one is going this route.  I am going to mention Ramshackle Games and Zing Industeries, neither are the world's cheapest presay, but they are still good deals over all and Ramshackle has a wide selection of parts and vehicles that would work great with the upcoming Damned theme wise.

    I am going to list/mention a couple of other useful links  that lead to other forums and blogs, since we are far from the only ones that have talked about this before.

    Dakkadakka has at least two older threads  related to the topic of heroic scale vehicles. One is  focused on mecha kits/toys useful for proxying imperial knights, etc.. The other thread is more about detailing and general conversions (so not just vehicles),  this one has a lot of dead threads to companies that I know are still out there, so it might be wiser to cut and paste the names of the ones that interest you into a search engine. You can also check out the gallery on that forum, massive collection converted vehicles a good number of which have referances to where they got what.

    Chicago Skirmish is a long running blog that appears to be tied to a club, they have lots of helpful hints and suggests for doing your wargame hobby on the cheap.

    Oh, and somewhat unrelated to my comment but related to this thread, found this cool MDF kit maker called Minature Scenery that has a ton of SciFi vehicles.


  • Nate Feyma offers free and incredibly customisable wargame vehicles for their custom faction. They also come in some premium options, but free catalogue is enough to cover most basic needs of small armies.


    I had a friend to print me car Hevonen, APC Minotaur and Staghound walker for my CHWAT Reinharjar dwarves. I finished the walker only so far, but they're detailed enough to be pleasant to paint, but not a big bother as well.

    Other vehicles I got:

    Paintjob and photos provided by the model creator. I highly recommend them if you're not afraid of 3D stuff.



  • Those do require a 3D printer though, not something that most people already own. And 3d printing services have fairly unreliable pricing. With quite a few of the bigger operations charging prices comparable to major brand name wargaming kits.

    My intention with the thread was to look at options other than 3d printing or buying the big brand name wargaming kits

  • I don't have printer as well, but wanted to share talented creator who offer great, painting-oriented (not overly detailed or just made to look good on presentation page in grey) models that fits Death Fields and other wargame Sci fi settings like a glove. I'm also iffy about printing and resin in general, yet I feel the creator deserves little credit  they can get from me,especially if someone will be browsing the topic later.

    May be a local thing, but 3D services 
    are fairly cheap here. If the models were premium I wouldn't bother, but as they're offered openly and free, it goes on par to plastic sets even if ordered from a prints hop. Miniatures are fairly small and total costs can be miniscule if you provide the model yourself.

  • @Mithril2098 Actually while I don't have 3D Printer myself either I don't think it’s a bad idea to mention Nate Feyma with newer gamers in mind since if your just starting to think about making a motor pool for your SciFi army, getting a 3D printer is probably the most cost effective approach (particularly if you want titan style mechs, which can often cost as much as a 3D printer if we are talking GW) and from what I can tell Nate Feyma is probably the best free STL Digital option if we are talking vehicles (his vehicles look like they could work for so much more than WH40k, which is a plus).

    Also I get the feeling it costs less to 3D print at one's library here in the USA than it does with folks like Only Games, particularly if we are talking smaller vehicles.  

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