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  • So I'm in in the Silver Bayonet craze too.  But I'm proposing dual use "Command Sets."

    Now the "traditional" way to build a Napoleonic gaming army is to build regiments with plastics and often fill in Commanders, Officers, NCOs, flag bearers, etc. with metal or resin miniatures.

    What about a box that let's you field those miniatures in plastic?  Say you were building a Prussian Army based around WGA's regiment set.  The "Prussian Command Set" would have a high ranking Officer (Colonel or similar), a Junior Officer, a NCO, standard bearer, musician, field surgeon, runner/aid.  Maybe 6/7 bodies and a bunch arms.  This would give your army a Commander and staff and populate the front ranks of your regiments.  It would also, strangely field you a Silver Bayonet team.


    V - Surgeon, Senior Officer, stretcher bearer.

  • Maybe one body a camp follower.

  • Or one body a female trooper.  Alt history that. 

  • Or one body a civilian/"exploring officer"?

  • I noticed Russian and Spanish Napoleonic sets are on the WGA release schedule.  A "Command Set" for those armies should surely include a Priest.  I think you literally cannot have too much clergy in those formations.  (Also, quite handy for Silver Bayonet).

  • A brilliant idea, and fantastic suggestions!

    This suggestion is vaguely reminiscent (to me) of the Grognard heavy weapon/command set.  Atillary would perhaps best be handled in its own dedicated set, and fortifications like gabions, fraise-stakes, and cheveaux-de-frise, and the ubiquitous boxes and barrels, but...

    I wonder if there are some accessory items that could be included in a set like this - say, flags and semaphores, a field desk set, water cart, field kitchen, camp gear, or something of the sort? 

    What sorts of hard-to-find accessories would make the most sense to accompany a Napoleonic command set?

    I think I'd get this sort of set for the character figures alone, but some good command accessories would add even more value!

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    Nice ideas!


    Dead horses?


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