Tenochtitlan - Aztec - army project

  • Hello all,

    If you do not know me, my name is Max, however my forum handle is lord Marcus. You may have seen my name on those shiny new Aztec and conquistador boxes.

    Because the Aztec kit is my dream kit, it automatically gets a slot in my painting schedule and as an army project.

    I will be using this thread to chart my progress and compile notes 

  • Hello there old friend,

    Lord Agragax from Lustria Online here, I wondered how long it’d be before I saw one of WA’s biggest supporters here 😉. I joined pretty recently to suggest ideas for potential Dark Ages sets in the Decline and Fall and Blood Oaths sections and I plan to share some of my work in expanding SPQR and Ravenfeast too.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those Aztecs, they’re great models with lots of potential! Which game system do you intend to use them with? 



  • @Caratacus  good to see you my old friend!

    Initially I'm going to be basing for hail Caesar/pike and shotte. This would be 4 men to a 50mm square base. "Standard" if even such a thing exists, is 4 men to a 40mm base, but I find this doesn't give enough room if the figures have wider posing and shields.

    I will be doing command stands as vignettes of 3-4 figures.

    The kit is set up in such a way that you can get:


    10 "elite" infantry with full body suit 

    10 medium infantry in the mesoamerican version of a gambeson (unspun cotton made into torso armor, then hardened with saltwater)

    10 unarmored infantry

    However: it does not give you enough shield for all the bodies (4 of 6). Ergo, some of these troops will have to be missile troops.

    My intention is to build in 2 box increments, making 3 units of 20 each time.

    These first 3 units will be 20 jaguar warriors, 20 medium Levy spearmen with shields, and then 20 archers.


  • Jaguar warrior to test some theories on color use.








  • So, apparently I never updated this thread.


    There's an army now. This is its latest


  • All units full-strength and based up until this point. More will be completed over the weekend and this will be updated.


  • Noble commander with quaxolotl umbrella palmitl. And shorn ones as "bodyguard" command base filler


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