Video Review of Conquistadors

  • Hello friends, I made a video review of the Conquistadors box for anyone who is interested in seeing their potential!

    This is my first mini review video so I appreciate any feedback, thank you!

  • Great review. I particularly like the pistol conversions and the size comparisons with so many different figures from other companies. A very useful video review!

  • Great video. The pistol conversions look awesome. 

  • I would definitely be interested in a how to on making that pistol. 

  • Thank you for the video!! Really interested in the kitbashing potential of the conquistadores. I'm partial to the selection of swords and spears.

    I also liked your video about building the cardboard shack, I never thought of the idea of using thinner cardstock to simulate wood planks. I think it looks better than using popsicle sticks since you have a little more control over how the wood planks look. My partner's going to get sick of me hoarding all of the empty snack boxes.

    I think I'm gonna need to pick up a set of Apple Barrel acrylics like you have there for terrain work too. I don't want to use up all my dropper bottles on terrain.

    Looking forward to your "kitbashing" video!

  • @Selrahc any chance of you posting your pistol conversion article? Or a video detailing the conversion?

  • @Selrahc hasnt been back in a while and looks like no new vidoes on his youtube channel. Still really interested in the pistol conversions. I took some screen shots from the video. 

  • @William Redford 

    Thank you so much for your interest! I just finished and uploaded the pistol conversion video today:


  • @Selrahc awesome. Well, I know what my sunday afternoon plans are now. :)

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