North Star phasing out WGA? Or just supply chain issues?

  • I was looking to get an order from North Star with kits from various companies and noticed that quite a few WGA kits aren't listed by them anymore (i.e. Irish) or are out of stock (i.e. Italians).

    Anyone know if this is just current supply chain woes, or are North Star phasing out WGA in their catalogue?

  • We cannot keep up with restocks. But 11 pallets just landed in the UK

  • Sweet. I was just a little surprised they'd taken some of the products off the page, but listed others as out of stock. But that's North Star's choice I guess.

  • @Mark Dewis Have you never noticed the disapering and then back on their site I no longer worry mark I think its a computer design factor If it`s going for good theres usually a sale and we told you gone ,grab em quick note Cheers pal.

  • It just makes it annoying when I want to get something from both companies, from a postage point of view. They're down to 5 items as of today.

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