Fantasy Landsknechts Ideas.

  • Among all of the armies I have built; I had the greatest joy in building my Warlord Games Landscknechts. Now saying that, I am eying those Ogre Landsknechts and will more than likely buy them in a few months; despite I am elbow deep in a Viking game project for my club. Them and my only painted Landsknecht mini, the Hot and Dangerous: Greta; The Landsknecht will look great on the tabletop BUT... I want more. It is difficult to find any of the old Warhammer Fantasy Empire stuff; although their dwarves would fit right in. There are others makers but they feel out of place when compared to my Landsknechts so what do I really want to see?
    As much as a full set or range of fantasy European armies would be neat; I think simple upgrade sets like a few dwarf torsos, halfling torsos (that can also double as goblins) and some larger torsos for orcs as well as a wide assortment of heads in either armored helmets or the fancy hats that we associate landsknechts with among others like demi-human (human body, animal ears and tail) and beastmen (upright humanoid animal). Centaurs and Giants (2 in tall or 8 foot tall would be my limit) and maybe some Minotaurs added would create on the tabletop one fantastic looking force. With the 3d services Wargames Atlantic now offers, I would be happy to see even a fraction of these ideas on there. I just lack a printer but as of Jan 2023; this may change.
    So; if you wanted a fantasy landsknecht force; what would you like to see?

  • @Kein Fisher 

    When you say "torsos" do you mean bodies?  Like with legs?  Or just torsos?

  • @Kein Fisher Hmm, the Empire is one of the Warhammer Fantasy ranges that remained largely intact since GW's transition to Age of Skubmar:

    All the fudge-ugly State Trooper models are still there, plus the Greatswords that bear the greatest resemblance to real-world Landsknechts, the swordstaff-wielding foot Captain, Demigryphs, Pistoliers, Helblaster/Rocket dual kit, the Steam Tank, the Luminark/Celestial Hurricanum and the Griffon General.

    As to other races, to be honest a lot of races wouldn't fit - I can't imagine Landsknecht Beastmen, Centaurs or Minotaurs ever being a thing unless WA thought it would be funny if they made sets allowing Beastman players to troll Empire players by having their models wear Imperial uniforms (which would be a niche joke to say the least). Also I doubt that the Imperials would ever want Orcs or Giants in their army, given how those races are near-impossible to reason with (in Warhammer lore at least).

    Given the rabid fervour among a select proportion of the forum toward replicating long-dead options from the 4th Edition Empire book, I could see Imperial options being made for WA's Halfling set to go alongside those Ogres, and it's already possible to make an Imperial Dwarf army out of Fireforge's Stone Realm range, which includes heads wearing those silly feathered hats (though Imperial Dwarfs are a heresy, the Karaz-Ankor will always be independent of the feeble Empire):

    So those should have you covered at the very least.

  • Halflings and other "light side" types in the gear would be good. 

    Most likely the WGA Halfling militia can make do with headswaps - but some dedicated figures would be neat. 

    Elves and Dwarves in this mode are something not generally seen - but really, why not? Even in Warhammer continuity, there's no real reason some of them living in the Empire (especially Dwarves) might not adopt the current fashions. Once you get to D&D or other wide open settings, no reason at all that they might not like the look. Could even be "the Elf style" in a setting where smelly humans are running around in dull uniforms (quelle horreur!), or "the Dwarf style" kept alive for centuries out of stubborn tradition ("Yes, those new copper cartridges are all very well lad, but I'll stick with match I've made myself and powder from Gunner Gimli")

  • "Empire" feathered hats, some puffed and slashed arms, and couple of bodies to convert the WGA plastic Halflings would be awesome.  

    The new art released today for an Empire archer looks a little less flamboyant and a touch more rustic like the WGA Halflings anyway.


    "Empire" Dwarves are well established in Old Hammer lore.  They were a unit entry for the Empire in 4th Edition I believe.  They've spent generations in the Empire as engineers and fine craftsman.

    EDIT - From 4TH Edition Empire Book:


  • Imperial Dwarves looked like this:

    Citadel Imperial Dwarfs by Michael and Alan Perry (ad in Dragon 124, August 1987)

    Interesting that the Warhammer Old World stuff is going to be set during the Civil War... just like Mordheim.

  • From the fluff:

    GW was selling plenty of puff and slash Dwarf minis back then useful to represent "Empire" Dwarfs.

    I still have a bunch of the spearman bought during 4th edition which fit in perfectly with an Empire Army.

    I think I still have this hero with sword and pistol.



  • The new art released today for an Empire archer looks a little less flamboyant and a touch more rustic like the WGA Halflings anyway.

    The 7th edition archers and 6th/Mordheim free company are about on par with that image. And the greatsword is (like the other two) wearing Middenheim blue instead of the GW promo art standard of Talabecheim's red and white, with essentially no difference once you adjust for that.

    To me it seems the main stylistic difference is that the WGA halflings are more militaristic, with the majority of the heads and all the bodies showing at least some form of armor. That doesn't fit well with the default equipment they have in the game rules (no real point switching them to the spear setup to be honest), but then again free company technically doesn't have an armor save either.

  • @Blutze 

    The armored legs are problematic.

  • @JTam 

    That was poorly worded. Bodies. I meant bodies.

  • I now realize the logistics of creating such a force seems very, very daunting. I am not of the old warhammer days so a lot of the lore is lost to me though I do know of it. I was looking at it more from an Oathmark POV but with the force being mercenaries. It maybe something I'd have to write about in story.

  • @Kein Fisher 

    One of the reasons Warhammer Fantasy Battles was flagging at the end was that you needed giant 40 model Regiments to be semi-competitive.  Few could afford it, let alone paint it.  I remember walking into the store seeing a box of 10 little Dark Elf Witches for $50 bucks (back when you could get more than a tube of toothpaste for 50), thinking about how you would need 4 or 5 boxes to make just one regiment.... And thinking I'm priced out.  

    Hopefully the revival will have lists and points more in line with 4-6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles.....  You still had to collect and paint a decent amount of models but it wasn't ridiculous/unachievable.

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