Spacenam Compatibility

  • I had planned to purchase a few WGA kits (Stormtroopers, Ooh Rah, and Spacenam) to convert into a number of cyberpunks and related types. However, I am unsure as to how compatible the arms and heads are between the spacenam and the other two.

    I believe that all of the WGA kits have the same body width, but I'm not entirely sure. The spacenam seem to be compatible with certain GW kits, but GW has less consistent torso sizing.

  • @Estoc It's all rather subjective.

    28mm 'heroic' scale ( 30-32mm ) is notorious for variations in scale, both in height and width. Heads, weapons etc may also be exagerated from 'true' form factor.  GW's utter disgregard for such things is a matter of note and derision in some quarters.

    The WA Death Fields range varies between boxes (different sculputors). Cannon Fodder 1 and 2, Oh Rah and Eisenkern seem pretty much interchangeble (but the space dwarves have stumpy arms and legs by design). I've mixed and matched all of these to my satisfaction.

    Grognard boxes (and I think Bulldogs) are slightly taller & wider, I suspect the Damned will be of this style when they appear.

    In the end it is up to you as to how far you can tolerate variations in your conversions. Putty, pruning and filing can cover up all sorts of sins.

    The spacenam stuff has been incorporated from another designer, may well vary again. I can't say how much they differ from the above.

    You can get single sprues off EBay and Etsy, perhaps get some samples and play before commiting to boxes of the stuff?

  • @Estoc I can make a comparison shot of Eisenkern and Ooh Rahh when I'm at home tonight

  • @Dennis Horne 

    From left to right:

    - GW Tempestus Scion (Artel W head)

    - WGA Ooh Rah (Stargrave Trooper arms, which are much bulkier than the Ooh Rah arms

    - WGA Eisenkern (Pig Iron head)

    - GW Death Korps of Krieg

    - GW new Cadian (Grognard head)

    - Stargrave Mercenary (Tempestus Scion head)

    - Les Grognard (Eisenkern head)

    IMHO the Ooh Rah and the Eisenkern fit very well. I don't own the Spacenam (yet) but I think they will be much bulkier. I hope that'll help

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer these comparison photos are godsend, thank you

  • I think that the best mix would be Ooh Ra's bodies, Stargrave's arms (perfect to simulate an armoured arm) and Pig Iron's heads, so we could build a good hard sci-fi troop.

  • Here is a mixed squad based around a box of Oh Rah showing the mixes I managed.

    Oh Rah Variations

    Far left and far right use Stargrave Merc 2 female torsos with Oh Rah heads and arms.  The Knife Wielder with a stargrave trooper blade added to the wrist of an Oh Rah arm. The Medic has a satchel off the WA Lizard sprue.

    Inner left and right are 'Vanilla' Oh Rah, the Spotter has AnvInd Mortar heavy Inf arms, the Gunner has an AnvInd Vulcan MG fitted, (I felt the in box support weapon too long).

    The scout in the middle is a CF 1 torso and backpack with Oh Rah arms and heads.

    A box of Oh Rah, CF1 Torso Sprue, Stargrave Merc 2 sprue, AnvInd Heavy arm Mortar sprue and 2 Anvind VMGs got me a full Xenos Rampant 24pt detatchment of : 

    • Rifle Squad(10): Cmd* Heavy Inf, Incr Squad, AP, Medic
    • Rifle Squad(10): Heavy Inf, Incr Squad, AP
    • Mortar Team(5): Support, Artillery, Indirect
    • Recon Team(5): Recon, Sniper


    And as a bonus some CF1,2 figures added to the Death Fields range from the Bolshevik revolution era.

    Bolshevik Death Fields

    The troopers use Stargrave Trooper arms, CF1 torsos & backpacks topped off with light infantry heads from a Warlord Games Russian Crimea box. 

    The officer has a Statuesque Minis head on top of a CF2 figure.

    If I'd have painted them dark blue with white caps, they would have looked as though they came from a Honor Harrington novel.


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