Scavenger Variations

  • WA were not the only manufacturer doing a crowd funded plastic launch this year. Northstar launched their Stargrave Scavenger box -mine turned up today.

    This is the 1st shot of a sprue made up with a WA Afghan, Perry Afghan command sprue and most importantly for owners of Einherjahr space dwarves, one made up as a fully grown Nordic warrior.

    Raw Scavengers

    Rear L-R

    • Perry Afghan Cmd figure with Scav hooded head & weapons
    • Scav figure made up as Alien - note 2 sets of arms similar to Damned alien arms
    • WA CF1 with Perry Afghan Cmd Turban head & sword
    • WA Afghan with Perry Afghan Cmd Turban head & sword

    Front L-R

    • 'Olaf' a Nordic Warrior Scav torso (a grown up lookalike to WA Einherjahr ), Stargrave Trooper Carbine, WA Einherjahr head, fur collar, axe and ammo
    • 3 'Vanilla' Scavs made up as neo-sovs (centre uses a WA Grongn Cmd radio)
    • The other Perry Afghan Cmd figure with Scav hooded head & weapons

    These chaps are literally just assmbled & undercoated and still drying as I write.

    You get 4 'Olaf' torsos per box to mix with Einherjahr components and another arm type (Stargrave, WA CF, WA Grognard will do), plus 16 greatcoated goons to provide some opposition. There is a single Sov Style LMG of great interest for kitbashing per sprue too.

    I suspect these will mix with the Damned range rather well.

  • @Dennis Horne loving these too... just working out where to best use them, but some are definitely destined for my XR "Road Warriors" faction as "Hi Jackers", probably with bald Cannon Fodder heads to tie them in 😍

  • @Bill Thomas I've mixed the non Olaf torsos with some Stargrave Crew and a few CF 1 torsos to create a formidable Xenos Rampant OPFOR detatchment. The made up Olaf torso has been mixed in with some CF1 and Grongnard torsos to make up a 5 man Space Viking squad.

    The hooded heads have been mixed with Perry Afghan torsos and WA plasma rifles. The zombie heads and hands onto Perry, Stg Crew and CF1 torsos to make up some Psych figures for XR usage.

    All are painting WIP, weeks away from photos.

    The strength of that set is its kitbashability

    As seen from the photo, one box of these guys, a box of Perry Afghans mixed in with loads of WA spares has led to 2 comprehensive XR detachments with loads of spares. Will the Damned box do the same?

  • Here are Olaf & his mates painted up :

    Nordic Troopers

    ... and a group of his vertically challenged distant relatives :

    Space Dwarves


    They are all slated for use as Xenos Rampant Mercenary squads or may form Stargrave Crews as required.


    The second group are out-of-the-box Space Dwarves for reference, a bit fuzzy on close up (

    Olaf's team are the 4 stargrave scavenger torsos you get in a box, stargrave trooper weapons and Space Dwarf heads, collars and bits. An Oathmark dwarf mining pick found it's way onto one of them.

    Two use WA CF1 torsos (Lars the Cripple has had an AnvInd prosthetic leg fitted), the 'Boss' has a WA Grongnard torso with pistol and medic box, the final one is based on a sawn off Space Dwarf upper torso and Anvind Militia running leg.

  • A second attempt at those Dwarves, not sure it's much better.


    This is a group of insurgents. Stargrave Scavenger heads, Perry Afghan and WA CF1 torsos WA and Scavanger arms. 


    This group are WA CF1 torsos, assorted WA and Stargrave arms. Note the two King's Mountain Men AWI heads plus a Perry Afghan British head with the Laptop.


    Finally a group of AnvInd 'Bots in the rear note the WA Grognard Command arm on the 40mm Exolord


  •  Rf2

    Two views of Olaf vs a WIP space dwarf with resized wire legs filled by putty. Growing the basic torso legs and adding 28mm arms does the job, this guy has a CF2 prosthetic arm with scavenger single shot G/L

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