Building Bulldogs

  • I'm not the best at figuring out how to put things together.  Can anyone give me a quick cheat sheet on which pairs of Bulldog rifle arms go together?

    (Edit: I just realized this should probably be in the modelling section... DOH!)


  • @Jim Mercer They should have numbers on the sprue that act as a cheat sheet when it comes to the two handed gun hold arms like the rifles and squad weapons.

  • @Brian Van De Walker This. R1 = Right arm 1, L1 = Left arm 1, both ones go together. Some left arms have multple right arms that must be chosen between for each sprue. (actually I think it's just one)

  • I've found that the arm sets don't always give you the best alignment. For the box I built recently I grabbed whatever seemed to fit the best. 

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