My Undead Legions

  • Earlier this year (February I think) I ordered two boxes of Skeleton warriors. My goal was to build a force for SAGA: Age of Magic. 8 points of warrior in that system comes to 8*8 minis so two boxes seemed perfect to fill out the whole force. I just need to add a single necromancer model to lead them and the whole army is ready.

    Things got out of hand a bit and I added 5 Revenant Infantry and 5 extra skellies from the Oathmark range, I also made 2 wizards and a few floating skulls so I can run them as a Frostgrave warband too.

    For the WGA Skellies I went with a very simple paintjob, I primed them Matt White, and put onto it a single coat of Army Painter Speedpaints, Paints and Shades. I gave the wooden bitz (spear shafts, bows) a coat of Dark Wood, the bone parts Pallid Bone and the shield/weapons got a coat of Weapon Bronze with a bit of Strong Wash. The quivers got some Hardened Leather, and I added a few other colours for the helmets, small bitz here and there.

    The painting was extremely quick (and repetitive :D ) but now I have a decent sized undead horde I can field in AoM. Looking forward to the new skeleton cavalry/chariot in the future to add them to my force :)

  • Looks pretty sweet dude.

  • @Tor Dunderkuk thanks! I painted up some Fireforge zombies too to supplement them.

    Right now I'm waiting on WGA to release plastic cavalry and chariots to add to the force :)

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