Where to buy physical models of STLs?

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    After they launched Late Romans and Irish, I really believed WA when they said that more Dark Age stuff was coming "soon". That was early 2022. Other than a Goth release, absolutely nothing ever arrived. Thankfully, Victrix is delivering on their promises for Late Romans.

    So it seems that WA has moved to a totally digital product. I'm seeing a bunch of Dark Age stuff available digitally. Picts, Irish Cavalry, Goth Cavalry etc. I would happily buy a few boxes of physical Picts and/or Irish cavalry but it seems I can only get hold of them by buying a 3D printer. I have zero interest in that.

    Is there any intention ever of releasing this stuff as a real product? Frankly I feel rather let down by WA but I'd still buy their product if I could.

  • I have tried being optimistic, But I do think that WGA are prioritizing on the more profitable Digital format, leaving the current plastic offerings but slowing production on new things. Hudson Adams (the top hat guy who acts as primary moderator) has mentioned intent to turn some of the digital files into physical ones, and the damned is doing that (although getting rid of 3/4 of the options with it, but that's more an issue with the overambitous digital version). This may not apply to the models you want, and the intent may have been changed.

    As far as current things go, the irish set is very good, and if you aren't super picky you could use them as other forces with a few headswaps.

  • Plenty of people who do 3D printing, myself included, will usually print whatever other people want at a small fee or some parts. If you know a guy who does printing (resin at this scale) just ask if he can print you some files. If you're in Europe or some other place where consumer 3D printers are less common, many hobby shops have a print service where you provide the files and pay by both resin used and time of print. In my case me and some people I know are into NetEpic, and those that aren't into printing will give me like 5-10 bucks for troops. That all being said all the files I print are usually free from the community projects of NetEpic and I don't know WGA's policy on peer-to-peer 3D printing

  • I actually don't know anyone with a 3D printer and I'm in the UK.

    myminifactory has some WA products available for physical prints via the "Only-Games" part of the site. The problem is that none of the Dark Age stuff seems to be available. No Picts, Irish, Welsh etc. Does anyone know if they will stock physical prints of the Dark Age bits of the range?

    The only thing they seem to stock is the physical prints of the Late Roman archer or slinger STLs and those at a deeply uncompetitive price of over £12.32 for 6 minis. So 36 minis would be £74! When I can get a 36 Victrix Late Roman archers for around £31, that doesn't make any sense.

    Anyone got a recommendation for a company who can print WA STLs for a sensible price so say £1/mini?

  • @graham 

    £2 is probably the best you can get for 28mm resin prints. It's very costly to buy and maintain resin printers, and resin is very expensive too. Search for a "Maker Space" near you. That can bring it down to £1.50-ish. If there aren't any, you can try FDM, kitbashing, or other sources for minis.

  • Well that reinforces how little I know about 3d printing and resin! Given I can get plastic Late Romans for < £1/mini from Victrix and just over £1/mini for Footsore metal, means no reason to touch resin Late Romans. 

    Still that leaves the Pict, Irish and Welsh prints which still might be worth £2/mini if only I could find someone to print them. Surely WA would want other printers to sell them in physical form? The likes of Medbury is available from multiple resellers.

  • Throwing in my comment to this as I'm in the UK too and somewhat of a "printer luddite"... I'm really struggling to find physical prints of both the Japanese Sengoku figures and many of the Great War minis too 😞

    @Hudson Adams is there anyone other than Only Games doing physical prints right now, or are they intending to add to their range at some point... I would most definitely buy some more 3D printed figures (and don't mind paying for the right ones) to go with my existing WGA plastics 😎

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