Early Cavalry Samurai

  • A few of the Wargames Atlantic Digital sets reference including the miniatures alongside Samurai miniatures, so here's a suggestion for some Samurai in their original "Way of Horse and Bow" style.

  • Yeah that would be fun alongside Mongols.

  • Everyone does Sengoku period; no one does the Genpei War, which is what we're talking about here.

    No guns, no Ashigaru per se. No katana, wakizashi or two swords being a thing. Just Tachi. Although at 28mm it's mostly just a matter of mounting.

    Armour is significantly different. 

  • Coming back to this 6 month old suggestion, assuming today's "Age of Chivalry" announcement isn't just an elaborate April Fools day joke, these early Samurai would fit nicely into the earlier half of the stated time period this new range would cover.

    So while I didn't suggest a Range for this to be a part of in the initial post, I'll now say that it should be in the Age of Chivalry range.

    (Also since everything "on the way" for the range seems to be European themed, this would be a nice non-European entry to the line).

  • @Indy Techwisp Hmm, well it does loosely fit the chivalry theme being samurai and all. 😆

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