Wargames Atlantic Digital Files Great War Russian 1910 Maxim Gun and Crew

  • I was looking through the Digital Files available from Wargames Atlantic, and came across their Great War Russian 1910 Maxim Gun and Crew. I'm not sure how long it has been available. I rarely look through the digital files,as I don't have a digital printer.

    The Maxim Gun available in the Digital Files showed its water jacket fitted with a snow cap. The snow cap wasn't fitted on the Maxim gun until 1939. Hopefully it's not too late to upgrade the files.

    I really enjoy you plastic figures,and have quite a few sets of them. I wish that Only-games offered more digital prints than what is listed on their site for sale.

  • Totally agree Mark, it's frustrating that there are not more on Only Games for us "old skoolers and luddites" as I would definitely buy more!

  • Mark. Agreed. I've only got interest in Ancient or Dark Age minis so your specific request would not interest me. Nonetheless, there are a number of STLs that I would buy in physical form from WA. Picts, Irish Cav and Warlord, Carolingian Cav, Welsh Archers, some of the ancient stuff etc. None of that is available on Only-Games.

    Bizarrely, the stuff that available for my era is WA Late Roman Archers and Slingers, something that Victrix has done better in plastic at less than half the price. Victrix hasn't done Irish, Picts, Welsh etc. So there is a clear gap to be filled that WA could exploit.

    What I don't get is why they don't follow the Medbury approach of allowing a number of resellers to print their minis. I can get Medbury in the UK from 4 or 5 different resellers. Given how thinnly spread WA is over so many product lines, I cannot see any of the STLs they have done for my period ever appearing as boxed sets. So they might aswell try to get some value out of these STLs by allowing others to physically print them.

  • @graham They Do allow McDougle Designs to do a few.

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