Hun Cavalry

  • There's deifnitely no plastic huns on the market, and not even many metal huns options. I think they're a perfetct dandidate for plastic due to the diverse nature of their forces meaning many different clothing, heads, and weapon options. They would also go perfectly with the Late Romans and Goth sets that already exist! 

  • On fresh thought maybe just a steppe rider set with a bunch of different head options. That would be a very versatile set!

  • @Erik Pearl Nah, Hun cavalry would be better since there can be a great deal of diffrence between eras and cultures with those nomads.

    Edit: (cuase I thought this needed more)

    For example the Scythians sets out there (which where one of the first  steppe nomads in western recordes) look so diffrent from the Fireforge Mongols that you would not think they even rode in the same area when they actually did (albit several centuries apart), and they sure as heck could not fill in for each other that well and doubt they would work for Huns.

    Likewise, neither one is  likely a perfect Xiongnu  proxy despit the Monogls being thier successors and Scythians being from the same timeframe (still planning on using my RGD Scythians as that once those sweet Warring States Chinese are out and in my hot little hands).

    Plus Huns had some unique toys like the lasso.

    Also, from a marketing angle "Huns" or "Hunnic Cavalry" do seem like a better box set title than "Generic Steppe Nomads"😆.

  • Certainly Huns are a big gap in the market considering the terror they caused during the Late Roman era.

    If we're going for a specific Hun set, then it sounds as if we could also ask for other Steppe peoples, such as Sarmatians, Roxolani and Alans. Might as well do the job properly given each of those peoples were different and unique cultures.

  • @Caratacus Sarmatians would be worth it due to thier heavy cavalry and Alans might be due to thier military influnece in Politics of the time, not sure about Roxolani.

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