Dismounted Panzer Crew

  • I love my ww2 tanks, especially my German armor, and I've always wanted some dismounted crew to put on my tabletop as well. So when the panzer lehr box was annouced and it was said that you could also model panzer crews with it as well I was overjoyed. I havn't seen anyone paint them as panzer crews yet so here's my claim to fame.

    That being said, the models arn't ideal for modeling a panzer crew. 5 of the 6 bodies have Y strap harness and 4 of the six also have a bread bag molded on as well. But that's nothing a little xacto knife can't fix. Proud to say as well that I was able to clean up all the models without even sheding a single drop of blood!

    After cleaning up thier uniforms to represent a proper panzer crew, I dove into the bits box. This was the really fun part, getting the poses and character of each model just perfect. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Bonus points for those who can identify how many bits from different boxes I used!

    crew 1

    crew 2

    crew 3

    crew 4

  • Nice work!


  • Almost finished with the three commanders! gotta clean up a few more details, add a matte varnish to finish the paint job, then detail the base

  • It would be interesting to brush on the matte varnish but leave the leather coat untouched. Looking good!

  • @Hudson Adams oh you're right it does really look like a nice leather! sadly though the uniforms are actually wool so matte varnish is a must here

    also another update, four more crew 90% finished

  • Finally finished! might do another matte varnish cause a few bits are still shiny but overall I'm very happy with the models

  • Great work.


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