Hardsuits (WGA, Please read this)

  • So, yesterday while looking through the Legion facebook page, I noticed someone had posted a pic ot the ole UAMC Marines, and another dude had commented that he'd been jipped in the Hardsuit KS that Defiance had thrown (as was I). So, I spread the good news to him that I'm gonna spread here as well in it's own thread.


    You can read my short review (with pictures) here.

    You can get the files here.

    What I'd love to see is WGA working their magic and making these things in hard plastic. Potentially with the ideas that I mention in my brief review. So, WGA- maybe see about making this a reality? I'd drop coin on hard plastic versions, and I bet I'm not alone.

  • The Hardsuits look great - I agree that it would be brilliant to get something like this as a multi-part plastic kit. Give them some customisable options to vary the look for different factions (or a 3D printed upgrade set) and the value would be incredible to all Sci-Fi gamers.

  • These hardsuits have a lot of possibilities, a plastic boxed set would be great, also bcz a lot of people don't have access to a 3D printer, and shipping costs from US are very prohibitive. These models have a strong MAK's vibe, and surely a plastic set would be welcomed.

  • Take a look over here: https://wargamesatlantic.com/community/xenforum/topic/77051/powered-armoured-mobile-infantry

    WGA are already working on their own power armour design, which I must say I find a lot more aesthetically appealing than the Defiance one. 

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