January Painting Competition

  • Good Morning Forum Members!

    Firstly, I hope everyone had an amazing New Year's celebration!

    Now, let's kick off the new year with our January Painting competition(s) (check the separate post for the Digital Painting Competition).

    Let's tackle the basics:

    1. Submit your entries on this forum post by January 31st.
    2. Entries should prominently feature Wargames Atlantic Kits.
    3. The winner will be determined by a poll on this forum.
    4. Wargames Atlantic reserves the right to veto any entry.
    5. The Gift card prize will be awarded to the email address of the winning forum member.

    This is the painting competition for our 28mm Plastic Kits. For the Digital painting competiton please check Painting & Modeling for that thread.

    Now, onto the exciting part! This month's theme is "Whatever you like." We can't wait to see the boundless creativity of this community.

    Looking forward to witnessing the incredible creations of this awesome community. Let the painting begin!






    British Riflemen.
    @juanpaintsminis on IG.

  • @Ryan Thompson really digging these, thanks for sharing

  • @Juan Massa Love it!

  • Brothers in Arms

    "I'd made the jokes. Of course we all did back then. Dumb as a bag of bricks, ugly as the arse end of a horse. Big ugly sub-human trash. Monsters. That's the sort of stuff we all said."

    "We were all bloody fools. The first Ogre I met... He was nice ta me. Dunno why. I was a bastard to him. Same as me and the other lads in the Emperor's army. But then... Those bloody beastmen came at us."

    "They picked up their weapons terrifyingly quick they did. Not just out of a lust for violence, but I heard one shout something... Odd. 'Protect the little bruvahs,' he says. Not sure what he meant at first. But by the way he stood beside me- I started to figure it out."

    "That were years ago now, it was. Now, Jogarr and I always stand beside one another in the battle lines. He's always crackin' jokes about how my bullets aren't big 'nuff to do any real damage. I always say he can't aim worth a damn. But I ever hear any damned soldier of this here Empire mock my battle brother... I'll knock every damn one of his teeth out I will."

    Really love both of these kits, they're becoming a major part of my renaissance era fantasy collection! This was a lot of fun to work on, I hadn't done multiple models on one base like this before and was a fun challenge. Thanks for putting on these competitions! The entries in the last one and this one are super cool to see.

    Brothers in Arms

  • Spidah1

    A single mother supporting her family.








    Irish horsemen,ready for battle!

  • Dont know why, seems I can only post one pic once.

  • On the death world of Haharrysun, Sgt Barnes moved stealthily through the undergrowth, his PSG3 sniper rifle at the ready. 

  • @Mr 

  • That camo pattern took an age to paint and fade.


    The great General Corvatz and some of his comrades from the Estalian Liberation Front. 


    "Oh, so you doubt the great Corvatz? *Laughs* Ignorant fool! I'm one of the greatest minds the ELF has ever known! My brilliant strategy has never failed to defeat a foe."

     - Corvatz to the Estalian Liberation Front Council for the Distribution of Funding for the Glorious Liberation of the Estalian People of Mordheim

    "Very well! Watch closely, for one day, you shall tell your grandchildren of the day you witnessed the great Corvatz in action! Now, men! Group up... and hit them 'til they DIE!!!"

    - General Corvatz upon revealing his brilliant strategy to the attached observer from the council while encountering a rival warband in the City of the Damned.

    Due to a terrible unfortunate accident, the observer never made it back to deliver his report on the debacle, he fell out of a window onto some arrows. 


  • Brian Van De Walker

    Hobgoblin with two handed axe

    When the Vikings landed they were met with unexpectedly supernatural resistance.

    The hobgoblin was made using the Wargames Atlantic Goth kit body and sheathed sword, a head from the WA  goblin kit, and I am pretty sure the two handed axe is from the Oathmark revenant sprue.

    I know I used citadel ice blue (the shirt), snake leather (the belt) and I think snot green (one of the 3 greens used on the skin), and touches of Dwarven brass as well as an ancient goblin green wash(?! Another of the 3 greens ) along with Hobby Lobby model paint (I used those a lot) and some Gundam acrylic makers.   

  • Forum username: Francesco Chiementin

    Title: Crazy Gang

    Description: Wargames Atalantic Cannon fodder 1 and 2 mixed up, with few pieces from stargrave, greenstuffworld and anvil industries.


    Leader in makeshift exoskeleton and armor



    Hoodlum with Teddy bear

    High sec convictArsonistMuscle in barrel armor with megasawObjective/allied bombMadman with trained bomb ratsConvict gangConvict gang

  • I used some of the egg pods from the sprue to make an orange boombug to accompany my Harvesters.

    Harvesters Boombug

  • Desert Raumjäger Infantry

    By Jack AdkinsRaumjäger Infantry

    Raumjäger Infantry

  • The spider is riddled with spiders of terrible size, whose venom even shatters stone

    Really fun kit, looking forward to making more use of the little guys in my 15mm armies




    Great entries from everyone who posted. This is a mix between the upgrade sprue, Ooh Rah, Les Grognards, and Eisenkern kits. Wanted a synthwave style and it came out like this...


    This is my colour scheme for the Grognards units I painted hope its acceptable for the competiton My Les Grognards

  • Hi everyone !

    Here are my Grognards, dressed up as Private Guard for a mysterious Inquisitor Lord. They are the best among the best, and today they are getting ready for an orcish charge that might be the last they see.. 


    Congrats and good luck everyone for the competition ! 




  • Prussian Reserve with some perry command 

  • I converted the Cannon Fodder figures to cave rescue personnel. Sniper scopes reused as flashlights and some extra random bits to make radios, flippers, oxygen tanks and other parts.

  • @J Bro 

  • @J Bro 

  • @J Bro 

  • @J Bro 

  • January Painting Competition

  • Glad to see so many great entries. Where and when will the poll be posted for voting?

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