Artillery and Heavy Weapons

  • The Death Field's Heavy Weapons have consistently been some of my favorite miniatures in the line. The Grognard Quad Cannon was maybe my favorite miniature of any line up until the Rebel Yell gatling gun. Problem is I tend to play skirmish level games, so.they don't get a lot of play.

    Anyone have a good rules set that would work for Deathfields that I could pull.out the big guns in?

    Ps: this miniature is just perfect for that haven't printed it. It fits so perfectly together, and is so perfect for a space confederate force. It's definitely my pick for best of 2023


  • @Red Bee Replacing the heads it would be a perfect HW team for Imperials

  • @Red Bee Look at Xenos Rampant

    Those cannon come in as Support Inf, Artillery, poss Indirect @ ~8 points for a 24 point force.  10 point s if you add HW option. 

  • OPR skirmish allows for heavy weapons. you could also play the base game at smaller points values 

  • I'm playing around with a few systems. I'll start up a thread on the variety of minis-agnostic rules I've looked at and my evaluation of each. Keep an eye in general chat!

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