Gladiators #voxatlantic

  • It would be great to get a gladiator set from you folks. It seems that more and more skirmish games ether use them as the primary focus, or has them as an option for gangs/warbands. 

    I would love to hear everybody's thoughts on this idea. 

  • Technically, there's already a gladiators set:

    But it would be nice to see them released in hard plastic in the future to be sure.

  • @Greaver Blade I didn't look at the digital section since I don't know how to use a 3D printer. 

  • Hard plastic Gladiators would be a brilliant choice and I don't think there are any currently available from other manufacturers. They could also make an interesting Death Fields faction, with the original founding members "rescued" from the Spartacus revolt and supplemented by later generations of fighters snatched from small schools and added to the ranks.

    Gladiators would slot quite naturally into the ethos of the DF Arenas and I could see them even being augmented with non-humans and other factions to expand their versatility.

  • @Paul Mitting there isn't becuase sadly they are kinda of bad idea for a plastic set for weird reasons once you look at them critically, at least if we are talking historical (basically too many types of Gladiators, not enough games to support them, not really a "buy 2 to 5 boxes" infantry set idea, too much extra stuff needed/wanted in the box, apparently would not actually cover the famous Spartacus revolt since the rebeling slave's ditched that gear in favor of Roman legionnaire gear right out the gate, etc.)

    Plus wouldn't the Roman civilians cover for them to an extent?

    For Fantasy though Gladiators would be good topic since it could fill in all those "slave fodder" roles in fantasy army lists, and yeah it would be a good Death Fields team or set. It would also be cool with those WWW2 Romans WA did for the Tribes last month.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I agree that it would be difficult to get one set to cover all the different Gladiator types, but you could include enough variations on 5 to 6 bodies with arm and head options to make a decent set. Having said that I would be happy with a fantasy themed set loosely based on historical designs as I am not a big stitch counter when it comes to my minis.

  • I believe there was a past gladiator thread that covered the issues being discussed here.

  • EM4 maybe? 

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