Conuistador bodies.

  • So I'm new here, both in terms of the forum and also getting a Wargames Atlantic kit, starting with the Conquistadors. It's a great kit, perfect on the detail in all respects. (Granted, I'm using them to make Estalians for Old World, don't hold that against me...)

    But there's so much stuff in it that I can't be content with just the 24 bodies available in the kit. Like, I want to use all of the arquebuses and crossbows, and the pikes and halberds and the swords and heads, and I don't want to overfill my bitzbox more than it already is.

    So does anyone know of any good sources for the style of body used in the kit? It would make a whole other mess probably, but I do want to use up all the bits because they're that good.

  • @C A Forsyth  Well, I am going to be a bit mean here but the pike and big sword sprue is actually why its only 24 instead of 30+ bodies (and one of the reasons why I have been arguing to keep guns off the conquistador cavalry set).

    That said I would  just bite the bullet and go with an STL (like printing out the Doppesolder bodies).

  • @Brian Van De Walker Oh, 100% I can see from the spue that it is a trade off for space for the extra weapons against space for the bodies. I just want more bodies so I can use up the weapons.

    STLs does seem to be the way to go, I was just throwing the question out there if anyone had any examples. I don't want to use the Doppelsoldners since I feel they're too over armoured to mix in with the Conquistadores kit which I think has a good mix of lightly armoured and more heavily armoured bodies. Though I could learn how to sculpt in 3D and make my own bodies.

  • Okay, with the release of the Conquistador Falconet with Crew, I think I've found what I can use for extra Conquistador bodies.

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