My WA French for Bolt Action

  • I put up a post quite a while ago with a pic of a squad of WWI French I had painted. I finished the box and I have also been putting some terrain together so I will be doing a Bolt action game sometime soon.

    Just some observations about the WA French Infantry box. I think it was very well done.  The parts were very well organized on the sprue with nice clear labeling for the left and right arms which is very important. Matching up the correct arms was a breeze and the fit was excellent. My only beef is that there aren't enough V.B. Rifle Grenade launchers so I will have to make some more from putty. Rifle grenades were widely used and were a major part of a platoon's firepower. Three of the four squads in a 1917 french section (We would call it a platoon) had rifle grenadiers with as many as 3 launchers in a squad of 9 men. I have given the squads 2 each so I will modify some more later.

    Here is a really good site if you want a reference for how a French section was organized:

    The WA box lets you create a slightly understrength section for 1917 of 30 men and up to 5 officers. For 1918 though, you can create a full unit of three squads of 9 men.

    Here is my section. with a 3D printed Renault FT tank. Yes the tank is to scale. 

    The infantry are a section of the 1er Regiment de Marche de Tirailleurs Algeriens







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