The twelth tribe...

  • So... with the (very welcome) addition of Age of Chivalry, are we looking at getting another range added to Digital? There's certainly a lot of scope for 1150 - 1320 troops of all sorts. Muslims, Pagans, Genpei War in Heian Japan, Mongols, Byzantines, Jin Dynasty China and so forth.

  • I hope to see some of the existing digital sets transfered to this line. Maybe we can get mongols and Sarecens for this period!

  • There aren't any Mongols or medieval Arabs in digital yet to transfer- just Huns (Roman era), pre-Islamic Arab Spearmen and very post-medieval Arabs. But I agree that some would be welcome!

    While the plastic arm gets on with feeding the Baron's War collaboration, Digital can sort out the Crusades, Iberian wars and so forth. Byzantines would not go astray either - and cross over a bit with Dark Ages and Renaissance (Constantinople stood until 1452, after all!) 

  • @Mark Dewis I mean we could have some preexisting sets as well as new mongol and sarecan sets. that said the arab spearmen set isn't necessarily pre-islamic or post-medieval, I just wish it had more options for the price, even a single extra weapon

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