Theme for May 2024 releases?

  • I'm not sure if I just missed the announcement somewhere, but what is the theme of the May releases this year?

    So far the sets don't seem to fit into a single, coherent theme at all...

  • We're getting away from themes for a little bit because there has been a general clamor to flesh out the units/armies that are already in the digital ranges. So we're trying to build more complete ranges first before geting back to the themes. 

  • @Hudson Adams thats good, I think it would be a good idea to focus on the ones no one else is doing that you have in the library. Like non-European Armies, things that are not major WW2 powers and other things truely neglected.

    Except Death Fields, which honestly should either just focus on the six factions you have plastic for at this point (maybe minus the ogres most of the time and replace them with powerarmor), or you should play around more with vehicle ideas.

  • I thought that might have been what's going on. 

    @Hudson Adams Hmmm... now that Might of Rome is a store category, are we getting a thirteenth monthly digital set? ;)

  • @Mark Dewis Might of Rome may not go beyond what it is now. At least not for quite some time. So no digital plans for it. Maybe someday. 

  • @Hudson Adams That is fine, Rome is kinda of an overdone topic.

  • Overdone probably not given how small this little hobby is. But there is a reason a lot of people do Romans and any company that does historicals would be silly not to tackle them at some point.

  • @Hudson Adams Nah, some of the best and most popular historical mini companies don't bother with Western Rome and the hellenistic pagan cultures at all, and given how few miniature wargamers there are who are not "40k only cultists", overdone is when 3 companies of note are already currently doing that historical topic in plastic alongside tons of metal and resin ranges done by other workshops. 

    Tackle Egypt, China and India first before the older Romans. The later 3 all have army lists in several rulesets now and its far more silly none of them have plastics already than you not adding more Romans and their already done  enemies to the market

  • Maybe just roll all things between Alexander and the Fall of Rome into one "Classic Rome" category? I mean, that's sortof been how the Fall of Rome digital releases have been operating anyway...

  • @Mark Dewis hmm, personally I think it should be "First Empires" all the way till "Decline and Fall" or something more general title like "After Bronze" for that same period than something Rome and Hellinist Europe focus sounding line. I mean a lot of stuff went down in East Asia during that same time (Han Empire's rise for example) and the Parthinians could be thier own line with enemies that are not Hellenist even being done.

  • In practical terms, everything pre-Medieval tends to be considered "Ancients" in the Wargaming scene, using the same rules, attracting the same players and so forth. 

    So yeah, I think I agree. "First Empires" for that scene. 

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