June-July painting competition - Digital

  • Greetings Legionaries,

    The Wargames Atlantic Painting Contests return, this time with the theme of "Rally the troops!"

    The object of this contest theme is to test your hobby mettle. Build and paint a group of figures that evokes a leader rallying his men to battle. Henry V with the St. Crispins Day speech, a samurai lord ordering his vassals to charge, or a Roman legion rallying around their banners to push back the enemy.

    Your entry does not have to be in the form of a diorama, and could be individually based or made as a unit filler. Minimum entry containing 3 models - 1 leader or main figure, and at least 2 troops figures.

    This is the Atlantic Digital contest, there will be a separate thread for Wargames Atlantic Plastic products.

    Entries should be submitted by 11:59 Friday July 12th.

    Wargames Atlantic is now opening this thread as a secondary entry point. You can either post your entries here in the comments below or email the email listed.

    Please submit entries to digital@wargamesatlantic.com


    Entries should be formatted as such

    Subject: [Name]'s Entry for the April Atlantic Digital Painting Competition.

    In the main body, you should put

    Your name,

    a title for your entry if you have one,

    what kits you used in your entry,

    and a description (or simply why you think it's cool.)


    Voting will be held internally by the Atlantic Digital team, and winners will be announced  after the submission period closes.

    First place will win two boxed sets of their choice from our plastic ranges and be featured on our articles and news blog.

    Second place will win one box and be featured on our articles and news blog.

    Third place will win one box and be featured on our articles and news blog.


    The team can't wait to see what you create.


    Happy Wargaming!

    The Atlantic Digital Team

  • My entry for the June-July painting competition

    Title: Protect the guns!

    Kits used: Janissaries and Ottoman Noble Admirals.

    Description: In the midst of a siege on the Hungarian frontier, a sortie by the defenders scared away the Ottoman artillery crews. It’s up to the vizier to rally the janissaries to protect the all important guns.

    Had a ton of fun painting these and making the diorama. Can't wait for more renaissance Ottoman digital releases (fingers crossed for Sipahi!)

  • Hey, just figured I'd drop a line and say, the copy paste for the submission format still says April, not June. Pretty sure i didn't catch it in my submission, so may want to look out for it while gathering submissions. Cheers folks

  • Dragon Wyrm's Entry for the June-July Painting Competition.

    Title: Forest Family

    Kits used: European Fallow Deer

    Description: A small family of deer grazing in the woods/clearing. While the father forages the mother looks out for danger and the fowl follows, learning. I chose these as the figures for "Rally the Troops" to move away from the human side of the conflict. Deers are real troopers. 

  • Georg Dierkes' Entry for the June-July Atlantic Digital Painting Competition.

    Title: Defenders of the town hall

    Kits used: Napoleon on 13th Vendemiaire and French Veteran Skirmishers


    Description: The great general personally organizes the defense of the town hall. While the artillery delays the enemy's onslaught, a captain gathers the remaining troops to form a line. Will the brave defenders achieve a victory as glorious as that of their ancestors in whose honor the great bronze statue was erected?



  • Plastic Panorama entry for June-July painting competition

    Title: Custer's Last Stand

    Kits used: 7th Cavalry & Custer by Wargames Atlantic Digital (dead horse by Vae Victis)

    Description: Custer's last attempt to rally his men while being surrounded by chaos. His men are defending a fallen comrade who was pinned down by his horse. The end is neigh?

    Thank you!! looking forward to more STL releases for frontier and wild west themes.


  • I saw the annoncement of the winners of the plastic painting competition. What is about this competition? What about the digital entries? Will the annoncement come later or did I miss it? Thanks  

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