Catgirl Cannonfodder Project Log

  • So awhile ago i'd picked up some catgirl heads for a project. sadly it didn't work out due to some scale issues with the base minis i was using, but i realized that since they looked like they'd fit on my stargrave kits, they'd probably fit onto WGA figueres. so bought a box of cannofodder II (and ordered some resin tails) and started kitbashing. i got some primer on my first 6 last week.

    currently these are just going to be a short platoon (2 squads of ten and a command squad of 5), depending on how these turn out i might expand these into a full army. or maybe just run it as a detachment in a mixed force. (probably using Xenos Rampant, but honestly trying to keep these fairly rules generic)


    so far i've built 4 troopers

    and a squad leader (with the Rifle) and a command squad member (pistol). gave each a melee weapon to help make them stand out. the squad leader has a hatchet, and the commander a sheathed short sword. hopefulyl i have enough in my bitz box to kit out both squad leaders and all 4 command squad members with something that looks decent.

    (i had to do some trimming to the squad leader's pack to make the carried rifle pose work.)

    and the resin figure i got to be the unit commander:

    (hopefulyl that sword doesn't end up too fragile.)



    sorry if the pics are a little iffy.. my new phone's camera is way better than my old one, but i'm still learning settings. (got to find the Macro mode at least before i take more)


  • @Mithril2098 Stop giving me reasons to get a 3D printer😆

    Those look great.

  • @Brian Van De Walker heads by Minigames Miniatures (obtained off ebay), tails by ResinMunitorum on etsy. Resinmunitorum sells a full conversion kit with 24 catgirl heads and 24 tails in a distinct style, i had to custom order just the tails to match the heads i already had.

    still thinking on what non-infantry stuff i want to add to this army. might grab a Mantic strider kit, to make a AMP suit like support vehicle.

  • @Mithril2098 I know where you got them from you FB post, but I also know those have STLs on the market as I have seen them seen them before.

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