Five Parsecs from Home: Tactics

  • Soooo...... this is news to me. Apparently Five Parsecs from Home is getting their own wargame varient that is compatible with the regular skirmish game.... I. Am. HYPED!!!!! I mean I was already thinking of getting the compendium with Bug Hunt as a PDF, but the fact we're getting an official wargame version of Parsecs is super cool!

    So what kind of armies do you think we'll be able to make? I'm hoping I can find a way to transfer my Space Marines and other 40k armies to the game. Heck, since this is coming out in September for us US folk, it would probably work well for the Damned when they finall arrive.

    Five Parsecs from Home: Tactics
    Here's the link to the page.
    Five Parsecs From Home: Tactics (

  • Well, after looking over what I could see, looks like you could probably use whatever models you want and do fairly good sized forces, probably Boltaction sized armies.

  • Well, I'm a huge Nordic Weasel fanboy so I pre-ordered the physical book and got the PDF immediately. It's totally miniature-agnostic, so use anything you want to make maybe platoon sized armies, sprinkle in some vehicles and roll. There's a points based army generation system. The background is the 5P Unityverse, so using GW minis isn't too much of a strech, the suggestion for using space Marines is simply human troops with power armour (which gives an increased armour save). I don't tend to use GW so your mileage may vary, Walkers such as Sentinels might need to be crowbarred in as light vehicles, for example. Basically it's a brilliant toolkit for expanding the scales of combat for 5P, and there are rules for inserting your crew into the battles. There's an extensive campaign and scenario generation system. Solo play is built-in, of course, but it also leans into GM-ed play using structured narrative scenarios. 

    I haven't played it yet- RL is busy- but it's *really* good.

  • @Tom Kennish Sounds like its worth picking up.

  • @Tom Kennish Yeah, and there are rules for super humans in the core rules of the skirmish game. My issue had been searching for power armor and weapons that match a space marine's arsenal.

  • @Charles Tottington well you can always change/proxy a gun for another gun, which isn't a bad idea with the space marine minis when using them for other games besides the fact that bolters are probably one of the worst gun design ideas for a number IRL reasons (long story short they would be so hot garbage if real😆).  

    I would have just gone with making them normies in power armor or gone the cyberborg route. 

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