Tech issues, Glitches and Other Problems

  • I guess this is a good place to have a list of any potential issues we spot

  • First off when you post a reply or start a new topic the screen greys out and you can't do anything else unless you refresh the screen, instead of being taken directly to the new post. It's happening with both Edge and Chrome browsers

  • @Anthony Caryl Happening to me as well, also on Brave browser.

  • Thanks I've noticed that too. I'll have to ask them why that might be.

    It may be because I was having it embed under our site header. I've turned that off for now. Try it now and see. 

  • Is there a way to change our forum names without changing the name associated with our shipping addresses?

  • @Brian Sinclair yep just click on your name on the right side of the main forum page.

  • Thanks.  I'll use this one until I think of something better.

  • Is there support for dark mode built into the forum? Just a thought, particularly for those with sensitive eyesight.

  • @Joseph Bear it's an all or nothing "look" but if the white is too glaring I can adjust it to a lighter grey or something?


  • @Hudson Adams Aah, that's a pain - I was hoping the back-end might support the option for client choice there.

    Lighter grey might not be a bad idea - although it might require a tweak to any branding if they sit on white backgrounds.

  • Is there a button to take us to the first unread post in a thread?  Notifications take me to the thread OP every time, and so, apparently, does clicking on the little green arrow icons.

  • @Joseph Bear how's this now?

  • @Hudson Adams That's made a considerable difference, thank you. \o

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