So what are you looking forward to seeing come out

  • Unlike a lot of the other lines, Iron Core already had pre existing sets and even  some background lore with artwork. As this post title suggests what are  some of the sets you look forward to seeing come out. Me I am looking forward to the Valkir and Shadowkesh.


  • I really want the Valkir to become the go-to alternative for a certain other company's main figures, the power armored equivalent of Grognards and IG.  

    The Shadokesh are also cool.

  • @BS Kitbasher Yeah those will be great.

  • @BS Kitbasher  
    Did they mention whether they were going to reduce size for Valkirs too?

  • I'd assume that the Valkir are going to match in scale with the rest of the Eisenkern, so slight reduction.

    As to them being new GW posterboy size. They aren't super human mutants so no real reason for them to be that massive compared to the infantry. Although they would make good mechs for the Eisenkerns at that scale.

    I'm mainly waiting on the Valkir, although I'm also hoping for Shadokesh, the other aliens and human factions make an appearance.



  • Definitely want to see the Shadowkesh. Be interested if they re released or added some new vehicles too.

  • I agree with Barney Weston, I want to see the Shadowkesh on the battlefields... and perheps Marks STUG III antigrav-tank...

    I've a lot of leviathans, vehicles und troops (not all build and colored 😕) and they need a enemy so much...




  • @John Wilson 
    All considered, I wouldn't mind either reduction or original scale.
    Depending on the vibes they'll be giving me, I'll convert them into heavy infantry or full powered super marines.

    With sci-fi we're given different rationales for scale difference.
    Low gravity worlds would account for tall, gangly people, while genetics and prosthetics would create huge hunks of power-armored soldiers.

    Sure, weapon scale can be a problem, when converting.
    But actual firearms come in all sizes, and re-sizes, accounting for different calibers, more compact designs and different alloys/polymers.

    My only concern is picking the right base size: 25mm for "normal" people; 32mm for very large, tall, bulky or fat people.
    Sure, wrecks havok on pre-gridded maps, but tall minis on small bases irk me more.


  • @John Wilson They are supposed to be power armor, so it would actually make sense for them to stay the same size as the old set but given the heads  slight scale down might happen.

  • @Frank Reischmann Same boat.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I just assume they will be similarly scaled down slightly since they other two Eisenkerns were when resculpted, whether they need to be is another question.  I should have been clearer that I was answering BS Kitbasher's wish for them to be similar in size to a certain companies main powered armoured posterboys, which would make the Valkir massive next to Stormtroopers/Panzerjagers rather than the current size difference.


  • I hope they make the Valkyrs not smaller as the actual minis, they are wellpowered and armored infantry... and if you want bigger boys... 😉... use the H.I. bodies from Kromlech to make very big, very bad boys...

    My version of them in my army... sorry for the bad paintjob - I'm a poor painter...


    Oh, I forgot - I used the Valkyrs Chigg-Head... I hope, the comming box has all 3 variants in it...


    Trooper - Valkyr - Einherjar (I named them so) 

  • @Frank Reischmann I hope so to.

  • Do we know if they're going to be releasing the assault and support valkir boxsets?

  • @daniel tann That is a good question, they may simplify and combind them.

  • That's a good idea... and I hope so... a combined box for both options would be great...

  • Hopefully they include heavy weapons in the base set. I really liked the heavy weapons set. Wasn't so keen on the limited selection of weapons, but I understood why.

  • Yea both the Valkir and Shadowkesh are awesome

    - Valkir for me will work as Inquisition in Power armor or a grey-knights proxy for my old marines army

    - Shadowkesh, depending on the models we get will replace Tyranids or Tau/Kroot for me

    Either way I'll be replacing GW models with any new Iron-core release 😎🤙 the current kits already replaced my inquisition/Assassin models (which lets be honest is a faction GW has neglected) and I welcome the change

  • I don't know if they're even slated for release under Wargames Atlantic, but I for one would be pretty hyped to see the Eisenkern Kellerkopf APC and Stormtrooper Accessories with robot-mules re-released.  The Leviathen power-armor suits and accessorires would be great as well.

  • Valkir - happily they are on schedule now

    Storm Troopers support weapons set


  • @Yronimos Whateley 


    The accessories and robot mules are first rate.

    The APC and its conversions were great too.  Stummel, Pak, and Stuka Zu Fuss variants?  Come on, that's awesome.



  • @Yronimos Whateley

    Well, on the FB they claimed they would not be doing vehicles but given the one set of tankette previews and the constant asking for "APC for Death Fields", redoing the APC for use with both Iron Core and Death Fields figures might actually be the fast and dirty thing to do instead of giving each Death Fields faction its own motor pool, we will see what WA does. I do have to say It was probably the best looking SciFi APC plastic kit made for wargaming I have seen (certainly better than GWs rhinos, etc.) so it is worthy.

    The Leviathan kits on the other hand are sort of an odd ball kit without as many rules to use them for except maybe as titian proxies plus they are rather huge, so I don’t really expect to see them again.  I think seeing the gravstug would be more likely at this point.


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