Iron-Core Kitbashes

  • Alright folks.
    The idea for these guys stemmed from a couple of discussions over facebook.
    People were wondering how bits from Iron-Core and historical ranges would mix together.

    Since I hadn't tried that yet, I promptly cobbled together some bodies and arms.
    And since I had a lone British Indian trooper for my WWII models, I gave them Afghan heads, turning them into into Weird Wars special forces.

    While the leader is somewhat top-heavy, the other guys look fine enough, and Eisenkern arms and weapons work nicely on WWI French and German bodies.
    The leader is also sporting an Eisenkern chestplate - which fits unexpectedly well on some of the German legs - plus Cannon Fodder arms.
    The "lowly" Cannon Fodders come out on top, here, with very generic arms that work well on different types and sizes of body.

    After shooting these pictures, I further tweaked these guys and added more griblies.
    Will shoot more, as I progress into painting them.

    WIP - Kitbash - WWWX Indian Special Forces

  • Hmmm, am I the only who can't see Kwyll's kitbash photos?

  • I can see them.  They look to be the same as what he posted on Facebook.  Fun conversions, although I'm not sold on the legs for the guy on the left.  

  • @Brian Van De Walker 
    Same pictures as on facebook.
    Linked from my page, not attached.

    @BS Kitbasher
    Care to elaborate?
    Maybe can be fixed.

  • Maybe it's the angle, but they look too small.

  • @BS Kitbasher
    Bit of both.

    Some WWI legs are somewhat smaller.
    Also, I picked a fairly large Afghan head; probably could have swapped with the shotgun guy.

    Angle forces perspective though.
    From the side doesn't look too bad.

    When I realize they can't be saved, I camouflage them.
    Sand. Debris. Grass tufts. Anything to cover up potentially mismatching/ill-scaled legs.



  • That head is huge.   It could work with the armored torso and arms, or the armored torso and arms could maybe work with those legs, but that head above those legs looks like a cartoon character to me.



  • @BS Kitbasher  

  • The other two are still awesome.

  • @BS Kitbasher  
    I'm torn.

    On one hand I like how idiosyncratic that guy looks.
    He's stooping, slouching, with a big head of beard and cloth.
    He's not a good looking fellow.
    And in a sense, I feel he belongs to me.

    At the same time, I realize I could make him and the other rifle fellow both better proportioned, by switching heads.
    And making them less flawed and characterful.

    It's not even a big deal.
    No paint yet.
    I'll try getting back to the cutting board and see how they look.
    Worst case, I'll go back to "small fellow big head", if I feel they lack punch.

    I mean, everything is forever WIP, after all.


  • If character is the aim, you got it there.  Maybe even lean into it, by emphasizing his upper body with a pack and slung rpg or sword?  Might even be able to bulk his legs out with pouches and holsters.  I don't know.  

    I feel like converting a character is a different thing from converting a basic trooper.  One aims to be unique and memorable while the other aims to be repeatable and regular.

  • @BS Kitbasher  
    My models are usually characters in a squad or a warband.
    I seldom assemble rank and file, but going for memorable sometimes collides with aesthetically pleasing.

    The trenchcoat flaps allow only for so much customisation.
    I'm not sure I can add more; I'll just wait for the right bits for the squad gunner and go back to this guy too.

  • @Araden Kwyll Slap some paint on the guy in question.  I think he looks great.  Some dudes just have big heads.

  • @Forrest Wentworth 

    I'm tempted to swap heads before.
    That head is big indeed, and maybe could work better on the taller body.

    I'm also waiting for ideas for the special/heavy weapon guy, so I paint the squad in a single batch.
    I found out that painting in groups of 3-5 is ideal for me and for drying times.

    Thanks for the encouragement!



  • has anyone tried kit bashing the goblins and these? 

  • I can only see one pic, and I think it looks dope. Like a grungy scifi version of the warriors we dealt with in the middle east over the last 20 years. Grim, desperate, but full of hope/hate. I dig it.

  • @Battle Specter 

    I'm linking the picture from facebook.
    Apparently, they love changing urls for some reason; I updated it, we'll see how much it lasts.

  • @Anthony Allen 

    Not yet.
    Goblins have a similar neck nub joint type as Raumjaegers - just shallowed.
    Personally, I was considering mixing Oathmark Goblin heads with Gripping Beast Irish.

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