French Resistance Partisans and what you can do with them...

  • Heyhey, just so this forums section isn't all empty - here's what I did with a bunch of figures from this very neat kit (and some additional bits here and there:




    Read my reasoning and some more thoughts on this kit here:


    It's a versatile one, and thus good. :)

  • @Battle Brush Sigur 
    Project Z firearms?

  • Very cool

  • @Battle Brush Sigur that RPD looks ace! It looks like what the Japanese feared if they ever tried a land invasion of The USA.

  • Brilliant kitbashing, it really shows the advantage of multipurpose kit design.

  • @Araden Kwyll : Yup, and I think a bit or two from the Male Survivors

    @Jonathan Jones : Cheers!

    @George P : Thanks! I would fear those pants the guy is wearing as well. :D

    @Grumpy Gnome : Thanks very much. Yeah, it didn't take much to make them fit. It's nice to have some male survivors/crazy militia types in sensible clothes as well. I'd love to see some female civilians in plastic as well.

  • @Battle Brush Sigur 
    I sometimes assemble female partisan from various kits, but bits are somewhat more limited.

  • I'm considering converting some of the box I have into Dutch resistance for a Market Garden list. Has anyone looked into this as well?

  • @Daniel Sauerwein I think that could work fairly easily. You could also get some of the panzer lehr for kit bashing. For bolt action the panzer lehr will be a great compliment to partisans for additional weapons and most of all for panzerfausts.

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