Kitbash - Preacher and Peasants

  • Alright folks.
    Those Irish seem to be very popular, and I guess I'll join the party and show mine.

    I don't usually assemble whole armies, so this is just a small posse, led by a preacher, with a couple of WGA Irish warriors turned peasants, plus Frostgrave and Victrix laborers.
    I used Fireforge peasant tools throughout the band, and gave the Frostgrave wizard body a WGA Afghan head; I was looking for an exotic middle eastern look for a prophet-like figure.

    Paintjob is a mix of my older "base, shade, highlight, pinshade" and newer "wetglaze over base".
    All in all, it's a bit of an impressionist finish, which I feel matches the rough, rural nature of these guys.

    I assembled more of those Irish, and I used the ubiquitous Afghan heads again.
    But that's for another post.


    No photo description available.

  • clever they really work for most pre modern people if adjusted right

  • @david phillips 
    Basically, anywhere a guy in a loose tunic wouldn't be out of place, would be fine.
    Which reminds me, I haven't kitbashes those Irish with Afghans yet...

  • Excellent kitbashing! These could be used in any Dark Age - Medieval historical or fantasy game...or even pre-tech planet denizens for a Sci-Fi game (you could use more of the Afghans for that too)!

  • @Rohan Wilmott 

    That's actually what I did...
    I mixed Afghans with Iron-Core.

  • @Araden Kwyll Hello, for some reason I cannot see any of your kitbasing pictures in any of your posts. I only see an error message : No photo description available. Could you possible re-upload them? I'm really interested by your work.

  • @Jean-Sébastien Marcoux  I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one

  • Sorry, guys.

    I have no idea why pictures stop showing up, after a while.
    Probably something related to shifting server and facebook.

    I don't even remember what I originally posted.
    I'll try to fix some links, but no promises - might not find the same pictures again.


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