• some time ago I actually turned a portion of my Irish into cultist amazing what a color swap does to context

  • Great lateral thinking! Top models!

  • Those look great.

    I just wish I had thought to use the skulls as masks on my RoSD cultists.  I'm totally going to steal that idea.  I just used the skull to designate a leader/necromancer.  Though I do find it interesting we used very similar color schemes:

    Cultist Leader/Necromancer

  • @Forrest Wentworth wait wait wait the skulls were supposed to go on staffs that makes so much more sense. I fumbled my way to cultist on misunderstanding the skulls purpose. also why do you get to better at painting no fair

  • @david phillips Your paintjob looks pretty good from where I'm sitting.  And as for mine, well... washes hide a lot of sins. :)

  • Great idea! 

  • Oh, fantastic idea and great work!

    Looks like they'd go great with Reaper's Mystic Circle.

    I hadn't even considered the skull as a mask, I'm going remember that idea!

    The colour scheme does a lot for context, but the masks and capes help sell them as cultists, too.

    I happen to have a bunch of hooded heads hanging around from fantasy kits like Frostgrave and so on, waiting for a good use, and now I think they might go well with the Irish, with capes to help sell the look... I could always paint some masks onto the faces.

    The Dark Ages Irish set looks like it's going to be a great base to build imaginative projects from!

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