Great article on kitbashing with our goblins

  • i have them set to come in at the same time as that weapon sprew that should ship this month. I was planing to sci-fy my goblins

  • I just read that myself and was thinking that I need some of those Gripping Beast Arabs, but perhaps I should have another look at your historical range too. Persians perhaps?

  • Great article with some good ideas. I'm just painting my unit of these figures and I'll have to try some kit bashing of my own.

  • I like the mix of goblin bits with those Bakshi-rotoscope-orc-style robed bodies - they work really well, as do the other inventive ideas in there! 

    The Oathmark goblins are a fine set, one of my favorite orc/goblin sets - I've kitbashed those with sci-fi weapons to make "not-Klingon/Romulan" type space villains for Stargrave, they work nicely enough for the purpose:  the Oathmark goblin bodies and heads are sort of fantasy, but very much more than typical for old-fashioned Star Wars, Star Trek, and Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers style aliens, and sci-fi weapons go a long way toward selling them as aliens (I had to get a little picky about which heads looked the most suitable for sci-fi, but it's do-able.)  I haven't gotten a WA goblin set (yet - I will sooner or later), but but I bet they'll kitbash into sci-fi aliens quite nicely, too.

    The Frostgrave barbarian bits seem like a great choice for goblins, and come to think of it the Frostgrave "Tribals' would probably work, too, for a more degenerate, savage style of orcs. 

  • That is a great review blog post. I recently got the new goblins and was going to write a review blog post but I can not think of anything to add to what James has written. 

  • I see that the leftmost goblin in that photo is on a 20mm rounded-edge square base. That's a great idea because it can double as a 25min round base (it will fit snugly into 25mm round regiment trays, too).

  • @Ben Saunders 
    I'd try that kind of conversion using Irish.
    Ragged tunics, bare feet. Good goblin foundation.

    For heavier troops, I'd pick late Romans.

  • Planning to take inspiration from this article for a Mordor army, they look amazing. 

  • @Araden Kwyll  - Oh, I hadn't thought of mixing orc bits with the Dark Age irish, but those tunics do look like they'd work well for those sort of lightly-armored orcs, too!

    Come to think of it, when WA previewed their upcoming Merovingian Franks back in July, I remember commenting that I'd be totally happy with using them right out of the box as Tolkienian orcs - and probably for exactly the same reason:  because the old LotR movie formed one of my earliest impressions of orcs, the tunics and chain shirts looked about right to me, and the fierce-looking beards and hairstyles and tall metal caps seemed to complete the picture... paint the faces in properly orcish hues, and give the armor a dark and grungy look with morbid-looking orcish motfs on the shields, and I'd totally accept them as hobgoblins and orcs!

    Head-swaps with WA's goblins would only complete the look that much more.

    Dark Ages Irish fit the same bill just as well, and I think I prefer the Irish spears to the Frankish ones for orc conscripts!  Not to mention, the hounds that come with the Irish look like they'd paint up nicely into wargs to join the orcs!

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