My Grognard Vehicle 3D models

  • I don't own any Grognards models yet, or any WGA models for that matter, as I've been unemployed for most of the pandemic. But I hope to be employed soon.  in the meantime, I've worked on some 3d model kitbashes for my future Grognard army:

    This is a Leman Russ proxy based on a French ARL-44 tank, which was briefly in service immediately after WW2.  its shown here with the Vanquisher cannon, as its the most faithful to the original ARL 44 gun, but the turret is modular and thus the gun can be magnetised.

    This is a Chimara Proxy based on a WW2 french Char B1 Bis.  I call it the Char-mera.  the Chimera is actually fairly similar.  I mirrored the body(CharB's have the hull gun on the right) and replaced the standard CharB turret with a Chimera turret. I also added a rear hatch.


    This is my FT-pattern Sentinel. the body is an unmodified FT-17 without the tracks. my friend used this as one of his test models on the new resin 3D printer he got this past summer.




  • I really like that walker idea!

  • @Hudson Adams it did turn out very well!

  • The Charmera is amazing in so many ways. Good stuff!

  • @Pzkpfw Steve Awesome ideas.

  • I like the Char turned into an IFV idea....I'd probably use the Meng toon tank as a starting point since I don't have access to a printer and the scale is pretty close.


  • @Hudson Adams Reminds me of  the old Playstation game Ring of Red, all of the mechs were based on WW2 tanks. 

  • Really like that walker. Finding a good light walker is really hard and that looks just right!

  • I like the Ft-17 walker, wonder how it would look with a st Charmont or Schneider CA-1 body for an 'armoured' sentinel....

  • Are you designing and 3D printing them yourself, or kitbashing model kits?  They look great!

  • @Matt Robertson   I didn't design the base 3D models, I'm jsut combining pthers models to make something along my theme. all of teh 3D files i used are available on

    @Sean Watts do you mean the St Chamond WW1 tank??  it could be done with that or teh Schnieder CA-1, but you'd want a  heavier set of legs. like Knight legs, or Armiger legs at least. you might be able to get away with a quand leg mech as well, like Admech walker legs.

  • I would love it if WA made a sci-fi version of the ft17 to pare with the grognards. That little tank is just too cool.

  • All very cool!

  • I see great minds think alike! Mine are obviously for the upcoming Space Brits. 

  • @John Wilson i remember Ring of Red, loads of fun

  • That FT17 walker would be amazing with a turret.

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