Kitbash + Size Comparison - Skeleton Warriors

  • When I shot these pictures, I only had a couple of WGA kits: halflings and skeletons.

    Halflings didn't sit well with me, and it took a while to find ways to kitbash them to my liking.
    Skeletons, however, were basically fine, right out of the box.

    First picture is a quick size comparison shot: old GW cream colored plastic on the left, the much reviled Erehwon on the right, and WGA at the center, no tweaks or conversions.
    While some find WGA skeletons a bit finicky to assemble, Erehwon were notoriously fickle and frail; I still love how characterful and well proportioned Erehwon skulls were, but assembling was another matter.

    While scale is not exactly the same, with Erehwon being slimmer and smaller, and WGA noticeably thicker than the other kits, Erehwon skulls worked well on other kits - with some necessary tweaks.
    Second picture is a mixed bunch of Erehwon and WGA, assembled as spearmen: probably WGA skeletons took a pointer or two, because style-wise they mix well together.

    Third picture is a WGA skeleton with extra Irish cloak, assembled as an infantry champion; size difference with Erehwon here is much more noticeable, and without spears giving them some extra stability, those swordsmen feel really wobbly and frail.
    I eventually swapped the champion's falcata, when I got the Oathmark kit.

    Fourth picture is another mix of Erehwon and WGA: Erehwon archers with WGA bows and bow arms.
    Quite flimsy, I later added quivers and arrow to make them feel somewhat less rickety.
    The champion here I tweaked into a spellcaster, and it's still unfinished, waiting for the right "staff head".

    And, that's it for this multi-picture post.
    Next, I'll post pictures of how I further tweaked them and slapped some paint on.



  • Looks great!

    I've got a couple different boxes of skeletons in my unassembled/unpainted "Pile of Shame" waiting for me to catch up to them, one from Wargames Atlantic, and another from adifferent company, but I don't remember which one (probably Northstar/Oathmark)... if it's an entirely different company from the ones already demo'd above, some time, I ought to try putting a couple of these together for side-by-side photos and a review here as well, to help round out the review. 

    Of the two I've got, I think WA's set is the sturdier and easier one to work with, too, but having a variety of options for skeletons is great! The more fiddly, delicate stuff is great for breaking up into "dungeon dressing" and basing material:  in the Grimdark Future and any proper dungeon-crawl, you can never have too many loose bones laying around (that was the main use I bought that other kit for anyway.)

    The Frostgrave Wizards I & II kits might not be a bad place to look for bits to finish your spellcaster:  each kit includes a handful of staves, wands, and other odds-and-ends that might work for you, in addition to being loaded with spellbooks, scrolls, potion bottles, talismans, belt pouches, crystal balls, and that sort of thing.  The heads with assorted wizard-hats might be of interest, too.  (I recently added some of these wizard bits to a couple of Great Escape's western gunfighters, to give them a Weird West twist - these sets are a great source of weird, random bits!)

    I LOVE the use of those WA Irish cloaks here - they look fantastic on the skeletons!

  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    I was considering using Erehwon skeletons as scenery, but with spears as support they become sturdier enough.
    Sure, WGA bulkier skeletons work great as melee specialists, especially slow defensive units, bearing the brunt of an enemy charge.

    The spellcasting skeleton started out as a kind of spearman champion, then "orator", and eventually spellcaster.
    Frostgrave wizards weren't my first choice, but kitting the spellcaster out with magical gear makes good sense; I wanted to test a Gunfighter cow skull on the staff: I gave a larger skull to the necromancer lord, and the skeleton wizard could use a smaller skull/staff.

    Next post I'll probably show a more indepth scale comparison and add armored skeletons/wights.
    Medieval bodies provide great undead foundation, if properly "seasoned".


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