• I'd love to see some additional plastic kits for the Austro Prussian and Franco Prussian wars, to complement the Bavarians WGA has announced, as well as the perry line.

    Franco-Prussian war is probably my most anticipated historical period in plastic at the moment.

  • Agreed (though not for the same reasons as you), I also hope they stick with the plan of adding VSF heads to the gurkah and maybe do that for the other Franco-Prussian stuff (since Perrys is also doing it) or some historical scale VSF upgrade sprues for  Bavarians, Austrians, etc. at some point.

  • Agree to you both... I have 4 boxes of Perry Prussions (on Spruhs) and I can't wait zu add a -box-army bavarians to them... France toops in future should be a good idea...

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