Aztecs and Conquistadors

  • I have been looking forward to these sets for a while, and ill be picking up a bunch even though I don't have a rule set in mind. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a system for these sets?

  • Musket and Tomahawk, from studio tomahawk who makes Saga, is what I've heard.

  • Pikemen's Lament would be my choice. It's based on the Lion/Dragon Rampant Rules, but written for Pike and Musket era warbands, wich is kind of odd.

    But it works really well for Samurai warfare and I think it could do well with the Spanish conquest. 

    I for one will try Tribal with Aztek on Aztek warbands.

  • At the risk of being lynched - my first thought when they were announced was they'd make fantastic stand-ins for Dogs of War or Estalia-themed armies in Warhammer Fantasy Battles, particularly with the return of the Old World in the future.

  • @Joseph Bear I suspect we'll see a lot of fantasy use from these sets !

  • Donnybrook 

  • I'm going to use them for Mythic America's/Warlords or Erehwon primarily. 

  • En Garde! is a fine ruleset and has both Aztec and Conquistador warband lists. It's a nice narrative game and you only need about a dozen of miniatures per side. I'll most probably use these rules at first.

  • Will get used in Kings of War (unit based fantasy games which included a variety of human style armies, )

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